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Why are we eating the apple badly?

2020-04-14 15:48:32

Studies reveal that all this time we have been eating the Apple badly. This is the correct way!

How to eat apple correctly according to study.

According to research carried out at the Graz University of Technology in Austria, it reveals that all this time we have been eating apple badly by leaving pieces out, the amount of beneficial bacteria that a person consumes when they eat an apple, increases if it occurs. the whole fruit means that you must eat the heart, the seeds, and everything that makes it up.

The study also reveals that skipping the heart and seeds when eating an apple could reduce the number of microbes that an person consumes on average, from more than 100 million to 10 million, in addition to that, it does not matter if it is a processed apple or organic, both have a similar level of batteries beneficial to the human body.

Putting together the average of the components of each apple, we estimate that a typical fruit of 240 grams contains about 100 million bacteria. Since most of these bacteria are found in the seeds, the heart reduces the consumption of healthy bacteria to about 10 million, "says Gabriele Berg, a researcher with charge from the team.

Although of course, organic apples have a larger set of bacteria and are more diverse and homogeneous compared to those purchased, that is, eating the whole organic apple could be more beneficial for the intestinal microbiome.

It is recommended to eat the apple when it is fresh and natural, because if we cook it we would be eating badly because it would kill all the bacteria, both good and evil. Although from time to time an apple dessert is not bad, right?

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