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What are Zoom's security issues

2020-04-14 08:22:08

The coronavirus has definitely affected companies like Zoom and this brings with it some quite considerable security problems.

Why can Zoom be said to have security issues?

 Normally new users of Zoom or any other company should know the privacy policies, but everything indicates that this particular company presents vulnerability, since there is an enormous amount of data shared with third parties, and this usually happens due to the need to having to work from home with video calls due to the impact that COVID-19 is causing worldwide.

What are Zoom's privacy policies?

The vulnerability of this company has managed to overcome some security problems, the data may clearly be visible to third parties when they start a session, because details such as email may be exposed to the elements, this does present a rather serious problem because it can get the name of the person, residence address, telephones, etc., that is to say, every minimum detail that you manage to provide during the information loaded while we are using the service.

The security problems that Zoom has seem to be more visible than what we have simply described, because even when they claim not to sell any personal data for money they simply share information and that is practically the same, only that they have a disguise, which can affect damage complex.

Is it possible that Zoom can heed the call?

Most likely, yes, because here is where the inconvenience arises about security problems, because the fact of not seeing the screen does not mean that the company is not taking into account the data, since there is only the functionality of the version 4.0 or later for the Zoom applications which makes clear evidence that it is not reliable, in addition, there are other risks that we must be clear enough, the host can record the call in order to reproduce it later, but this is where problems appear security, as the company is able to save the files in TXT format and share it with its boss, where all the data will be exposed.

One of the important options that we have is simply the possibility of activating Zoom's assistant care tracking function, since with this we can get a fin every 30 seconds, as this will alert us to the possibility that some call could be Taken from another application, since it is quite clear that Zoom usually keeps copies of the files of both the host and all the participants, since this is obviously more than enough to make it clear that they have serious security problems.

Camera piracy is part of Zoom's security problems.

 It is clear that this company presents a lot of vulnerability, since just a year ago a rather complex finding was discovered and it was the existence of a pop-up window of Safari 12 by Zoom that appears interconnected with the local web server of the Mac device where it is possible turn on the device's camera, since it is there where there is a great risk and security problems manage to increase, since it is precisely the same company that allows access to malicious places without the consent of the user, this has been discovered by security consultant Johnathan Litschuch barely last year.

Zoom has received multiple complaints, to date the security problems are still persistent, since the company still maintains remote servers, which opens the doors to unreliability, since what is convenient for this is a serious problem for users. , because even though it has been the same Electronic Privacy Information Center that has filed a complaint from the FTC against the company, it has refused to make the necessary modifications with the web servers, since everything is running as if nothing was violating the privacy of the users.

How to protect our data and avoid falling into Zoom's security problems?

 The company has been characterized by being a provider of video calling services but it does not do so in the most reliable way as we would like and less these days where supervision and monitoring is simply less rigorous due to the global coronavirus pandemic, so what It is better to do everything possible to avoid some things that we usually do and this implies:

  •  The possibility of avoiding using Facebook to log in: Normally it is a quite vulnerable practice due to the personal data that can be displayed there and to which Zoom has full access, as everything cheap is expensive, in this case the method Easy by saving some time can bring us more complex problems.
  • Application update: If you are one of the people who has recently downloaded the Zoom application, you can count on a little more peace of mind because the company has eliminated the remote web server, but otherwise you only need to worry about update it because security problems accompany the company and therefore affect users in some way.
  • Make use of two devices during a call: for this it is ideal to receive a call on the computer, since you can choose to check the mail from the phone, therefore there is no way to activate any trace indication that can be taken into account by part of the company.

 In this way and with the correct measures taken to protect ourselves and be free from security problems, we can use Zoom, since it continues to work, only it is up to us to avoid falling into the clutches of the company.

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