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What are the stretching exercises before starting to train

2020-04-17 17:05:38

What are stretching exercises? Reasons to do it before starting to train

The importance of stretching exercises before workouts.

If you have practiced sports before, it is very sure that you have heard about the previous exercises before starting to train. but for what reason are they made?

Well said by several experts, stretching exercises are performed with the intention of preventing the person to train from suffering possible muscle tears. In addition to warning not to bounce to try to reach the muscle stretch faster and make smooth and progressive movements to achieve better achievements.

Avoid muscle tears with stretching exercises before you start training.

Apart from that, stretching brings many benefits: they increase blood circulation, decrease joint stiffness, improve position and gain flexibility to your body.

With all this explained, we recommend multiple options ways to perform the stretches:

Spheres You can work with inflatable spheres of 60 and 70 cm in diameter, they are used a lot especially when you want to train from home. These spheres support and help adapt the entire spine and thus make global movements that include the entire body in the same exercise.

Among the movements you can make to sit, put your feet firmly on the ground, take small steps forward and let your body lie on it and your arms hang back. If you lie down sip the sphere you will feel how your spine rests.

Elastic bands

These bands use them a lot to strengthen muscles. To stretch what you can do is lie on your back on the floor, bend your legs and place the elastic band on the soles of the feet. Gradually you extend your legs while pulling on the bands, stretching a little more each time until you form a perfect squad. Take care of the shoulders so as not to tense and leave the head resting on the floor. If you manage to do this pose, your body is saying that you gained flexibility.


Using the walls, chairs and elements that we have a hand can transform a moment of leisure to a moment of exercise, there is no excuse! To perform the routine would be to lie on the floor, have both legs towards the wall, extend the knees, seek to breathe consciously and lower the chest each time we exhale. Take care of your chin very far from the chest and that the waist is very well attached to the ground.

Any exercise from home works. With these types of routines you can accompany the section with some music.

 With these stretching exercises your body should be prepared for what is coming before you start training with great luck, luck!

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