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What are the benefits of coffee

2020-04-14 08:15:11

Studies reveal what are the benefits of drinking coffee, find out here!

  Coffee is one of the preferred beverages of the public around the world, with various forms and presentations it is usually consumed in everyday life for most people.

Despite the high consumption that it has, many affirm that its consumption is harmful, arguing that its grains contain toxic substances that consuming in large quantities can affect the body. Additionally, it is noted that caffeine can cause dependency and impair the nervous system.

But with the new study that was carried out they affirm that coffee consumption brings more benefits than we think. Dr. Gustavo Cerezo, president of the Argentine Federation of Cardiology, affirms that "there is scientific evidence that supports coffee consumption as a health-friendly food. "

Benefits that coffee consumption can bring

Many claim that coffee reduces muscle aches and works as a supplement to a healthy diet because it contains antioxidants.

Other studies confirm that caffeine improves the performance of those who consume it, and this was demonstrated when in a scientific review of 33 trials in which participants ran, swam and cycled a series of distances, the best times were for those who consumed caffeine. .

And if consumed in moderate amounts, it is confirmed that it can bring benefits to the heart and this is supported by analyzing 21 published studies, in which 20,093 people were investigated, linking coffee consumption and the risk of coronary heart disease.

 With all the analyzes they carried out on coffee, it has been shown that black elixir brings more benefits to the body than we thought, even a Dutch study found less risk in those groups that usually consume 2-3 cups of coffee a day. Amazing!

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