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Wall Street overvalued, CFOs believe

2020-01-13 16:19:14

What perhaps you did not know, about Wall Street here we explain it to you, because the financial directors consider that it is overrated.

  Deloitte has a considerable number of financial directors of multinational companies based in Canada, Mexico and the US, where they indicate that Wall Street is overvalued, since it has a deceleration of 77 percent. hundred, since this is due to the end of the year, where some indicators with considerable increases are shown, which is reflected as the highest in its history, presented in the survey and Deloitte, and which has been reviewed January 12, according to EFE in New York City.

What can we mention about Wall Street being overrated?

There are several opinions, on the one hand the optimism according to the excellent economic moment that the US is going through, where everything seems to point out that the economy could grow at least 70 percent during this year 2020, compared to 23 percent. One hundred that could occur within a year, this makes very clear the possibility that Wall Street is really overrated.

40% of the financial actors indicate that according to this economic growth, there is the possibility of taking some risks, since they are reflected in the percentages, since 2015, placing this last quarter as the lowest according to a note published by efe. In this sense, we cannot ignore a considerable amount that indicates that this growth can be manifested conditioned, since the presidential elections come this year, and this would lead to the true growth of Wall Street can be reflected beyond 2020, because of this way the detail of being overvalued would be avoided.

 What are the implications of the trade war in relation to Wall Street being overvalued?

 The economic slowdown could be a fundamental factor, even if by the end of 2020 even when 97 percent indicates that there will be no recession, even when presidential elections are relatively close, and this represents a fundamental role, in addition to the factors geopolitics between the US, and Iran, which have been raised recently.

 The commercial war and the imposition of tariffs, has clouded the political judgment of President Donald Trump a bit, this leads to some impact in the upcoming elections, where some elements of interest such as Brexit and Cybersecurity have some impact, as companies could present a 82 percent deceleration, involving reduction of personnel and discretionary spending.

What are the steps to follow on Wall Street this 2020?

 In this sense we take a series of opinions from an expert, and it is Professor Menachem Brenner, belonging to the Stern business school of the University of New York, who affirms some highly interesting details, because in his opinion he considers the unpredictable behavior of Donald Trump does not show very clearly whether Wall Street is overvalued or not, because he declares in his personal capacity that it can never be said overvalued or undervalued, because with a comment like that you can only have 50 percent of being right .

 In addition, it clearly indicates that this year 2020 will continue to be very marked by the commercial war between China and the US, the impact generated by the price of oil, the tensions that are still being experienced in the Middle East and especially He emphasizes the presidential elections, as these reflections were made to EFE, ending with an interesting comment about the slowdown without a possible date, but that could simply occur.

We can culminate this article by reflecting on the importance of having clear Wall Street is really an empire in terms of economic growth, but we cannot say if it is overrated

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