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Von der Leyen asks the UK to decide what access it wants to the single market

2020-01-13 16:08:10

Today we write about the opinion that Von der Leyen has about what access he wants to the single market in the case of the United Kingdom

Exactly, who is Von de Leyen?

Ursula Von der Leyen is the president of the European Commission, and it is precisely she who has stated that the United Kingdom is obliged to inform access to the single market, since the plans of this country include the exit of the block, therefore, they must clearly define the type of entry into the European Union market, as he has made strong statements after a meeting with Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, stating, “It is up to our British partners to decide what access they want to the European market, the largest in the world ”, because in his opinion that is an important decision that the United Kingdom must be clear about.

From when does Brexit start?

It is expected to start on January 31, representing that by February 1 simply, the United Kingdom and the European Union will only maintain community relations for 12 months, where they will comply with the regulations governing the European Union, making it very clear that, « The closer to the United Kingdom and the closer it is to our internal market rules, the better it will be for them to access, but vice versa too, textual words of Von der Leyen, the distance that can be generated in terms of the market is evident inside, a topic that must be discussed thoroughly, since from February 1 they will become only old friends, which if it is evident is that the details of looking for new ones are usually necessary

What can happen from February 1?

It is evident that a complete bilateral trade agreement becomes difficult to carry out in this period of time, therefore it is interesting and favorable to the parties, even though the British Prime Minister claims to have no interest in requesting an extension, leaving how clear they are about what they are doing, now that they will be out of the block, what is evident, is that there cannot be another brexit scenario again, this being a favorable aspect in terms of what access they want to market, knowing clearly that the European Union has a Considerable worldwide representation.

 With this we finalize our writing, since it is evident the efforts that the United Kingdom must make in order to know access to the single market is more feasible, even with the pressure generated by Von der Leyen.

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