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Using Huawei in UK 5G network 'madness', says US

2020-01-15 14:47:52

The 'madness' of 5G network, says US It is a way to describe the implementation of Huawei in the United Kingdom.

Why the comment 'madness' of 5G network, says the US?

the 'madness' of 5G network, says US Simply a comment made recently by the president of the United States, Donald Trump, on the possible implementation of the 5G network in the United Kingdom, because in his opinion this technology leaves national security vulnerable, since they affirm that he has evidence of it, and That is why the US president has appointed a delegation headed by Matt Pottinger in order to generate pressure on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on this matter, as these officials handed over a document with the information they have described, challenging British intelligence which argues that 5G technology has no risks to national security.

What is the opinion of the United States regarding 5G Technology?

The administration of Donald Trump has been blunt, since last year he banned the sale of components that were directly from Huawei, in addition to 68 companies that are related to the topic of this technology, because in his opinion, this affects national security, even when they have refused to disclose the contents of their files about such information, because according to their criteria, using Huawei could trigger a review of the intelligence exchange leaving security vulnerable.

What is the position of the United Kingdom before the phrase 'madness' of 5G network, says the US?

For Andrew Parker, head of MI5, there is no reason to think that the exchange of intelligence between the United Kingdom and the United States could be negatively affected because Britain makes use of 5G technology, because such a review does not concern them since it It could lead to considerable change.

In this controversy that has been generated by the use of 5G technology, several favorable opinions have emerged and others not so much, because as a result of the position taken by the Trump administration and its opinion that the 'madness' of 5G network, says EE .UU, usually adds to a series of criticisms or rather various opinions by some personalities.

Conservative MP Bob Seley has indicated that he makes use of this technology could give Beijín the opportunity to access the UK network, since Huawei is a Chinese manufacturer, he also claimed to have asked Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee to open an investigation. , because the company would be building part of this technology on English soil. Meanwhile, a government spokesman says that they are still evaluating "the security and resilience of telecommunications networks in the United Kingdom is of the utmost importance", meanwhile, the company continues with its goals of using this technology and expanding it in the world.

In this regard, the spokesman for Huawei has been blunt saying that “We are a private company that has supplied 3G, 4G and broadband equipment to the UK telecommunications companies for 15 years., British experts are clear that our technology does not represent a security risk ”, because with this it could be evident that this technology has no intention of interfering in areas other than those that promote it, only that there are possibly some interests involved that do not like this type of progress , you just have to wait at the end of this issue that remains long.

In conclusion, the phrase 'madness' of the 5G network, says the US, is giving a lot to talk about and has caused discord among some affections for technology and with those who do not see it as favorable, what is true is that Huawei keeps working hard

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