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Uber and Hyundai present flying taxi model at CES 2020

2020-01-13 14:32:04

The central issue that we are going to cover in this article is specifically that Uber and Hyundai present a flying taxi model at CES 2020.

What is this union of Uber and Hyundai?

At the close of the consumer electronic show of Las Vegas, a union between the two was announced by Uber and Hyundai in order to create an impressive flying taxi at CES 2020, we have that their work will be divided into the manufacture of the vehicles will be for Hyundai, the logistics that will lead to the operation of the service, will be the part to be fulfilled by the Uber, making the connection pilots with the passengers and at the same time will have to manage the time of arrival and departure in the heliports by the passengers, These companies expressed that their objective is the realization of the tests in this same year and in 2023 the service must be fully operational, all this during taking into account the flying taxi at CES 2020 as a topic discussed in this article in more detail following.

What is the flying taxi at CES 2020?

The characteristics of the vehicle which Hyundai design received the designation of S-A1, which in its entirety will be electric, the maximum speed that it will be able to reach will be 290 kilometers per hour and capable of making the journey of 100 kilometers, which indicates that in about 30 minutes it will be the route that this can take, then specialized in short routes, by Uber already has the operation in which the helicopter service consists, allowing the connection of the island of Manhattan to one of the airports that provide the service to the city, we speak of John F. Kennedy, between 200 and 225 dollars is the cost per race.

Through the Uber Elevate division, the activation of the Uber Copters was possible, this being a branch with the purpose of air transportation exploration as a possibility, created 3 years ago, where members with a platinum and diamond status would have access .

It is included in the air journey from the client's place of residence to a helipad that is in the lower part of an island, a car race by Uber Copter, with 8 minutes duration from the moment the helicopter is taken to the route, by including the one that is carried out by land, it is possible that the time is 30 minutes, compared to the 2 hours of possibility that could be taken on the road, in trains and meters, this service becomes up to about 5 people for 2 pilots as crew members.

We have reached the end of this article, where we present the specific details of Uber and Hyundai present a flying taxi model at CES 2020, we hope this content is of interest to our readers.

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