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This 2020 will be interesting for energy markets

2020-01-13 15:14:52

In this article we explain everything related to energy markets and the implications that these may have in some countries this 2020.

 Markets around the world generally tend to present certain trends, especially if we are inclined to certain specific markets such as Australia, Texas, Spain and the United Kingdom, as it is important to be clear about the avalanche that can occur in this year 2020, As the advances in energy have presented according to the figures numbers that can generate alarms, then, energy markets are now near the collapse, as Bloomberg notes.

What can we say about coal as one of the energy markets in the world?

 Coal is simply an energy method only that currently presents a series of details, since it is no longer as commonly used as just one year ago, let's see some figures of this product in some parts of the world.

Coal in Australia

In Australia we can say that this element is nowhere to be used as an energy method, since it is a developed country that has been using solar energy for a long time, since it simply tends to cross with gas in that country, This panorama does not seem to change in this 2020.

Coal as one of the energy markets in Texas:

 Today, coal has relevance in this area, because, to date, energy with coal continues to be produced even though this town has the capacity to generate wind, and gas, the former having a high increase and still with upward possibilities. , since it is planned that by 2015 at least 11 gigawatts have been included. Coal on the other hand exceeded the generation the previous year, which makes it an excellent source of energy yet, and the most interesting of all is that the wind still does not destroy it.

 Although the use of coal as one of the energy markets in the United States has fallen considerably by 18 percent, in the year 2019, as this simply tends to occur due to emissions from the energy sector which implies transportation, agriculture and industry that show a rather striking increase, since this fall places it more or less in relation to the 2 percent fall of the general economy, giving numbers very similar to those proposed for the year 1975, which represents a setback in the US, this as reported by Rhodium Group.

 How is coal reflected in Spain during this 2020?

 Spain is one of the countries where coal presented an alarming fall, which comes to collapse, because by 2019 the generation that this product produced was only 5 percent, this being one of the weakest levels to which it has fallen since 1990, according to reports about the electricity produced by that element, then, coal has been practically completely abandoned in public services, going at a much faster rate than that required by energy and energy policies. Climate refers, since this country has practically placed a barrier, at least that is what an analysis issued in BoombergNEF in October has indicated, even though the scenario according to the analysis made by the newspaper the country indicated that coal has presented a strong fall to the point of reaching 85.6 percent below the figures for the year 2002.

Why the almost total disappearance of coal in the United Kingdom?

 In this country the figures are alarming, since it does not appear practically among the energy methods, therefore, the use of this energy dropped considerably in just 6 years, according to the analyzes carried out by Carbon Brief, according to the figures issued by National Grid Pic the use of this element has been only 2.1 percent, which represents a huge drop, since by 1990, its use was located at 75 percent. Currently, coal is overshadowed by new forms of energy and in this country the gas is located as the first source, followed by wind energy that managed to overcome above nuclear energy the previous year, implying the great changes in terms of energy methods in this 2020

 We can assume that for some powers coal is practically no longer among the energy markets and that by 2020 everything looks with a panorama of collapse for that product.

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