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The US and China have signed an agreement to ease trade war

2020-01-16 19:01:10

The latest trade war agreement signed by the United States and China may end a global power struggle in the economy.

What are the views on the signing of the US-China trade war agreement?

 The United States and China have been having trade disputes for some time now, only with Trump's arrival to the presidency of the American country and they have intensified things a little, the words from members of both nations regarding the trade war agreement have been very clear, since each one has its own position, for Trump this is a "transforming" pact, talking about the American economy, on the other hand the Chinese have a very consistent opinion and they qualify it as a "win-win" agreement, which would serve to promote the relations between both nations.

 This trade war agreement should benefit both countries, since the United States and China are economic powers that should work together, despite their differences. For its part, the Asian giant has committed to making American imports increase by $200 billion above the levels scheduled for 2017, taking a fundamental step in strengthening intellectual property, while the slightly more unbalanced United States has only agreed to halve the tariffs imposed.

 It should be noted that this trade war agreement arises between the United States and China after long disputes between the two nations, which has significantly slowed the flow of trade worldwide, because due to the tariffs have caused some pauses in the world economy, but this is not entirely resolved, as some business groups are calling for the talks to continue, as the border taxes are still in force.

 In a very personal opinion issued by Jeremie Waterman, he says that they should enjoy today but not wait too long to come back to the table for phase two, these are the words of the president of the China Centre at the United States Chamber of Commerce.

 Trump has been quite straightforward in making a number of comments that seem to be encouraging with this signing of the trade war agreement, saying that "together we are righting the wrongs of the past and delivering a future of justice and economic security", words that in our view should be taken very seriously as long as they are given from a perspective of equals, Likewise, he continued "far beyond this agreement, it will lead to an even stronger world peace", we might believe that it is a change, but only the countries and business groups involved and the governments of the United States and China will be the guarantors of making these agreements a reality.

What is the content of the trade war treaty signed between the United States and China?

 In this treaty you can get several points such as:

 China's agreement to take action against counterfeiting and to make it easier for companies to sue for the theft of trade secrets.

 The U.S. will maintain tariffs at up to 25 percent of the value of Chinese products, including $360 billion worth of Chinese products. That could have implications for China and apply tariffs to U.S. companies of $100 billion.
  •  China has committed to increasing U.S. imports in this way:
  •  Agriculture $32 billion.
  • Energy $52 billion.
  • Manufacturing $78 billion.
  • Services $ 38 billion.
 In the opinion of Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, the signing of the trade war agreement is based on equality and mutual respect, defending the economic model present in his country, which is capable of adapting to the national reality, because he has clearly left a view that is well worth rescuing and that is, "this does not mean that China and the United States cannot work together, on the contrary, our two countries share enormous common commercial interests", because what they expect from China is that both parties involved comply and maintain the agreement seriously, it is clear that the signing of this trade war agreement implies progress in the protection of jobs.

  The complaints that Washington issues about the Chinese practices are still unresolved, because the ambition of President Trump has not yet been achieved, because this could turn its fire power to the European continent, which could trigger a possible Brexit, because the signing occurred in the midst of a great fanfare that really did not meet some objectives, because the signing of this agreement occurred in the midst of an unusual appearance of a president,

 What is Trump's most realistic view of the US-China trade war agreement?

 This agreement is only phase one of the treaty, to which Trump has said that after this agreement will be addressed other issues, among which is latent state subsidies from China, as well as the fact of maintaining the tariffs a detail that generates concern in business groups and U.S. analysts, but that's not all, since the accusations by the United States to China in relation to unfair trade practices, which make U.S. companies can not operate in the Asian giant, these being some very specific issues that President Trump has shown.

 This trade war agreement between the United States and China that has been signed covers a number of areas, where many producers are involved as it is in the case of Mitchell Erickson, a wheat producer from Montana who says that this represents a significant relief, because they are encouraging promises. On the other hand, Professor Charle Kane has been emphatic in saying that the United States sees China as a political scapegoat.

 In one way or another, the recent trade war agreement between the United States and China may simply represent some sort of peace of mind for business groups and their pockets.

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