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The reasons why the cannabis industry has stagnated

2020-01-14 13:39:54

In this article we will explain about cannabis, because currently the cannabis industry has stagnated considerably, let's see why it is due.

What can we say about the cannabis industry?

The cannabis industry has stagnated considerably in the year192019, placing itself with a 32% drop, according to Stifel data, these are figures that refer to the 29% increase for the S&P 500, as the cannabis sector has simply lost a third of its value, this makes a considerable difference in relation to the decade of 2010 making specific reference to: Blockchain, fake meat and cannabis.

Is it possible that cannabis can rise again?

The detail that the cannabis industry has stagnated, is an important detail, since this can be reflected only as a consequence of shock, giving way to the possibility that Canada is an adult market that can be ranked as number 1 , or at least that is what the Stifel analyst indicates, where they made a note for their clients regarding the challenges and opportunities for the coming year, because, the financing has become a bit complicated, apart from the fact that the Vaping crisis has paralyzed progress and incentives are very limited, it is important to emphasize that around 50,000 million dollars that went to the sector simply no longer go to cannabis, causing the cannabis industry has stagnated.

What does Stifel indicate about the cannabis industry?

During the year 2018, there has been a variation in this industry, evident, as Stifel analysts have indicated that on August 15, 2018, since there was an event where there was enough enthusiasm regarding the public actions of cannabis, but that not only enough, because in that same year. Constellation Brands (STZ) took a stake in the order of 4,000 million dollars, in Canopy Growth indicating that the nature of cannabis is a large category of consumers, only today after more than 16 months, only very few companies present an encouraging and upward panorama, because this is because the cannabis industry has stagnated.

A very relevant detail with this problem in the cannabis industry is the cut that Stifel has presented in relation to the cuts, because with it from Aurora Cannabis, Tilray, Cronos and Canopy Growth, it is clear that Constelletion has suffered a considerable loss in the investment that oscillates around 54.8 million dollars.

Today there are many options about cannabis, as some experts present their opinions. In this sense Jessica Rabe, the co-founder of DataTrek Research indicates that cannabis in this 2020 has a great opportunity in terms of details such as legalization in the United States, for its part clearly states that public marijuana actions are a purchase option in In case a liberal Democratic candidate wins the presidential elections this 2020, (textual words). Pus according to her personalities such as Sanders, are able to get this substance out of the controlled, giving way to the legalization of the drug at the federal level.

Rabe says that approving the use for adults in cities like New York or New Jersey, can make cannabis regain momentum, in the legal marijuana industry, although legalizing it remains a rather complicated route, which presents many challenges with which we must fight, because even when there is legislative pressure, it usually becomes a bit difficult to achieve in the states of Connecuit, New York, Florida.

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