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The Dow at 30,000: What investors need to know

2020-01-15 13:18:47

In this globalized world driven by large investments, it is worth highlighting everything investors should know about The Dow.

What are the recent statistics from The Dow?

A very striking detail that should reflect what investors should know is the statistics with which the Dow has closed the fourth quarter, the growth it has had is evident, since it is relatively very close to completing the 30,000 mark, representing with This is a significant element, since the potential cooperative profits are part of these numbers, to which Darrell Cronk said “Obviously it has been a very good fourth quarter of 2019 and a good start for the first days of January”, really an opinion that has Enough weight, pus was issued by the investment director Wells Fargo Wealth and Investment Magnagement.

What does the increase in The Dow imply?

This increase means that expectations can rise, indicating that geopolitical risks could possibly be decreasing a bit, as Iranian tension is still down, in addition to the market currently addressing some aspects, at least part of the trade agreement with China it has ended, they really are perhaps the strongest and most relevant points in terms of bad news, but they could be passengers being this an important detail of what investors should know.

What investors should know about the stock market today is undoubtedly the indices that according to the measurement made by the barometer imply growth, because here it is not so much if The Dow numbers reach 30,000 if not what there is behind those numbers, i.e. the backup.

The year 2020 has started with phenomenal gains that are above 19 times, representing a considerable number, since this is the highest figure that has been achieved since 2003, therefore the expectations of growth of The Dow are raised and these are some phenomenal details, as it is part of what investors should know, since banks have already indicated that quarterly earnings are red hot this week, because with this it can be established that there is a possible increase or a withdrawal, what is clear is that profits continue to rise.

What are the opinions of experts regarding The Dow?

Frisch: according to the words of this analyst who indicates that “if the profits are good, the market can continue to have good news that it needs to continue advancing”, this is because in a week there could be announcements about the numbers of the earnings generated during the fourth quarter, but that is not all that this expert has made clear, since his statements stand out much more and it indicates that “the Fed went from being very worried about inflation and an economy in excessive expansion to a economy that weakens too quickly ”, which we can say that implied a significant change, because the federal reserve has driven a variable income, these points of view being what investors should know when running a business, avoiding falling into losses.

Mitchell Goldberg: for the president of Clientfirst Straategy "numerically it is not like going from 9,000 to 10,000", because the movements really require a great impact that generates these points, because the incremental gains can simply be made smaller, having the incremental enthusiasm It can also become small, because that is where we must be careful with the numbers, even more today that everything is in the expectation of the 30,000 as a milestone, although some experts make it very clear that this is not as important as it has happened with the above

Nick Gacoumakis: This is the founder and CEO of the New England Investment and Retirement Group, and I have also expressed his opinion on this, because in his opinion "the Dow 30,000 goal is something that has existed for probably 15 years", clearly showing that It is not a statistic that has a stir, and these are some of the very important tips on what investors should know, because these words should serve as a contribution to reflect for investors who do not pursue returns for large changes, as it is evident that actions usually move in both directions and it is a detail with which we must be very careful.

Cronk: the opinion of this expert is really overwhelming, because in his ways of seeing this panorama of The Dow, he says that there are risks when you are not in cheap multiples that the feeling could change and return to something more conservative, because in any investment There are usually risks, the detail here is if we are willing to take them, since not all the time the profits are usually favorable.

Here we find a series of opinions and positions that are very important, because what investors should always know is the pros and cons that can benefit or affect the investment that they are going to execute, if we review each detail we find that some experts affirm that the market could still be very overvalued, since it is evident that when buying some securities, these present high prices, and this is a complicated alternative, because the market becomes volatile and a reduction can be carried out, in addition, the market may become inconsistent due to the approach that is taking place in relation to the presidential elections, since this has an impact on this index. Not everything can be opaque, because with the figure of 30,000 as a goal we could see that this 2020 can become a much more interesting year than expected. In the meantime, all investors should know is that they will have to be cautious, as the market is constantly moving so that prudence should be the flag to be used.

In general terms, what investors should know is simply to be alert to the volatile market that exists today, because even when the Dow numbers are high, it is necessary to handle them carefully, due to the changes that the market can present, because geopolitical problems are a bargain in investments.

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