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Tesla: Tesla is back on top, raising the valuation to $ 80 billion

2020-01-09 22:14:57

Our theme will be Tesla and the explanation in particular will be to look for the answer that will let us know if Tesla is back.

 Tesla, the Model 3 manufacturer, managed to deliver 112,000 vehicles, which took it to the highest level, confirming that Tesla is back. In the 4th quarter it made the aforementioned important delivery, with a new factory which is near Shanghai for production in a new factory, due to a recent rise in stocks it was able to close at historic levels at just under $80 billion in the week and this is up almost twice as much as Ford Motor Co. where it is also scheduled to launch its next SUV crossover in the summer, for more details on this, let's follow the content below

What do we know about Tesla's steps?

 Once we have seen that Tesla is back, it is confirmed by the recent reality in terms of demand for electric vehicles, which has brought people to this market for the acquisition of a model 3, the steps of this famous company like Tesla, which has a reputation for achieving great advances and then presents considerable setbacks, An example of this is 2019, since it had a very strong year before this one, but 7 percent of the workforce was fired by Elon Musk, meaning that in the 1st quarter deliveries were on the floor, since this strategy was not the right decision, which in turn generated a lot of controversy regarding its executive director.

 After a big storm it seems that Tesla is back, investors have that feeling with many increasing advances, in October important gains were made and since then the stocks have seen results, it is important to point out that they have gone against Musk because of what is happening in Tesla according to the car manufacturers which are established, Despite the fact that there is no serious competition, sales of Chevrolet Bolt, which is entirely electric by General Motors Co. in the United States, plummeted by 47 percent, where the year ended with a 9 percent drop.

What are Tesla's expectations in the immediate future?

 There are expectations expressed by Musk regarding the next model, which he thinks will have the possibility of surpassing in sales the S, X and 3 combined, I am not talking about a deadline in this regard, but there are also plans that I announced in November about the construction of a third car factory, which are close to Berlin, in which there is the backyard of German cars that have not penetrated the market in terms of electrical types, due to lack of demand.

For this year we have that Tesla is back and started the production by Tesla of batteries for the big market of the world as it is China, this at the end of December, said this on Friday, the only problem is the increase of the production of the plant, it has been said by this company that it has 1000 cars already ready to sell, it is possible the production of 3000 per week once the battery production is bigger.

 We have that the impulse of the growth in terms of volume can be in the deliveries of Shanghai, this said in a report by Ben Kallo, with the equivalence of a purchase qualification, it is possible that the factory is increasing and that indicates that Tesla is back, when the Model S sedan was launched, in 2012, Only 2650 cars were delivered of this model, it was up to 367,500 in 7 years later, representing 138 more, the expectations of Wall Street for 2020 should meet these according to Munster, Loup Ventures, predictions lead to 463,000 deliveries this year, being 28 percent per year, the launch of the model Y will be a success to achieve, so they will be back.

 Tesla's explanation has come to an end, in this article we presented the details that represent and mean the fact that Tesla is back.

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