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Tesla: Larry Ellison has earned $ 1.6 billion in his Tesla shares

2020-01-21 21:02:14

Larry Ellison couldn't be happier. In his first year, his Tesla stock has earned a massive $16 billion.

 It is impressive to see how the co-founder of Oracle Corporation since he joined Tesla has managed to grow phenomenally, because he made a smart business and before joining Tesla's board of directors, he acquired 3 million shares of the company, so that served as an impulse in that growth, making the step of being one of the richest men in the world.

What 'can we say about Larry Ellison's investment in Tesla stock?

 At first the picture did not seem to paint well, as the first 6 months were somewhat subdued, as the company's shares dropped considerably by 43 percent, representing $179.61v per share by June 3.

But not everything could be so gray and after that sharp fall, it has managed to increase the shares considerably to the point of crossing the barrier of $500 per share, a historical value for the company, which even in this week has presented a growth, therefore, This has given way to commentary by several stock analysts, as on Tuesday they rose and even though by Wednesday they have decreased a little it is important to emphasize that since June the shares have presented an increase that triples their value, presenting an increase of 68 percent since the day Ellison joined Tesla. It should be noted that by the date on which he joined the board of directors the closing value of the shares had been located at $ 948 million, with this participation in this board is more than evident, which is the richest shareholder after CEO Elon Musk

What is Larry Ellison's estate?

 Tesla's second largest shareholder has a very high net worth, around $68 billion, according to Forbes magazine, which makes him the 7th richest man in the world today. To some extent this is due to Tesla's investment in shares, since he has made a profit of around $1 since joining the company.6 billion, if we make a comparison with the shares of the president of the Oracle Software Company, being its president the largest shareholder, an increase of 20 percent is evident, but due to the increase in value of many shares of this company, this figure oscillates between 1.2 billion shares located in a 35 percent implying a figure of 11.5 billion dollars.

 Finally, Larry Ellison is a businessman, because investing in Tesla shares has been one of the best decisions he could have made, the increase he has received there is extremely high.

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