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Successful tips to increase meat production

2020-01-13 18:00:19

We are back on these sides to tell you about meat production and the implications according to Grass Management and high loads

What can we say about meat production?

The company Trebolares de General Pico has decided to set an ambitious goal, because, in 2015, it decided that it was necessary to echo the 710 hectares of livestock in a space for the management of grass and high loads, so that it is possible to place there around 7 heads and one thousand kilos of meat per hectare, being really an interesting perspective for livestock, as this ambitious project allows diversifying the sustainability of the business and leads directly to the recovery of certain soils that were discarded due to chemicals or Biological components as they may have deteriorated a bit, since in this area the rainfall regime is irregular.

What were the goals for the first year in meat production?

The first year, he achieved an important goal in the production of Grass Management and high loads, but not in the production of put meat, which at that time only had 500 hectares of alfalfa, which represented 4 heads per hectare, being a fairly low number, specifically indicating Juan Amadeo of the Gentos company, the positive in terms of the production of meat hand grasses, so that they had to reinvent themselves a little and proceed to make use of other strategies, because according to with the advice of Gentos, they eliminated some old councils making way for the considerable increase in the management of grass and high loads

What opinion do these changes deserve according to Xanthopoulus?

He has several testimonies about this situation, since it indicates that, sincerely, they had a bad hacienda movement, although the management of the grass and the high loads was very favorable, because there were some concepts that they did not know, since there were other different schemes , because there were options for meat processing, and if we put the load down simply the production of meat was not reflected, because it has a certain impact on agricultural DNA.

At present, the changes have been evident, since they already build plantations based on the production and management of grass and high loads, since eating growing grass allows animals to increase meat production, because we propose pastoral work, and He paid, because there are currently 710 hectares where 50 percent is pure alfalfa, since this is a learning process, said Xanthopoulus.

The 710 pastoral hectares are called enclosures, because they are quite important spaces for the amount of animals present in the place, since it has only 600 breeding cows, a considerable number, separated from agricultural areas, these spaces being small. Well, they plan to acquire other 4,000 lands in the fall to recover them, since it is a profitable option, but that is not all because the corn is obtained by buying it from the rental houses they have in other lands, which implies a very important area of ​​meat production and production . .

The DNA has its main base here in the study and management of grass and high loads, since fertilizers have played an important role in this process, allowing phosphorus thresholds to be visible in the soil, since some herbicides currently do not They are waste and obviously destroy grass, although it is an economic resource, the damage caused by fertilizers is not feasible, since it damages meat production.

How does the alfalfa planting process work?

The seeds are usually sown so that they can affect approximately 300 to 320 plants per square meter, since they grow in small spaces that allow to collect approximately 15-17 kilos of seeds per hectare, which allows to obtain approximately 10-12 kilos of alfalfa and approximately 10 grass

On the other hand, fertilization brings with it some schemes that involve the incorporation of phosphate, sulfur and calcium, in addition to monitoring the weeds of the field.

We can finish this article by indicating that, according to the management of the grass and the high and high loads, there may be excellent increases in meat production.

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