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Parking lots in the city are good business not accessible to everyone

2020-01-13 16:17:55

The topic to be discussed on this occasion is Parking lots in the city are good business not accessible to everyone.

 Due to the lack of space is clear that for anyone with a car and who intends to park in the city is a challenge, this becomes impossible, because there are more cars and fewer places to park them, which would imply that parking in the city are good business not accessible to all, for being this way is that sometimes these businesses are closed, for us to have more details about it we must take into account the content to be presented in this article below.

What about the parking lots?

Because they are good business not accessible to all brings as a result that there are factors that lead to the closure of The Parking lots, the chamber of garages has confirmed that the number of garages and private beaches is falling, in 2000 there were 3100, but now has been reduced to 1900, profitability became the determining factor for the abandonment of these businesses, When spaces are sold to other types of merchants, the demand is certainly exceeded daily, this occurs due to the existence of 1270000 places in which to park, all referring to public spaces, the daily circulation is around 1600000, data that is available through the Secretariat of Transport in Buenos Aires, so it is good business not accessible to everyone.

 The operation of the garage has presented considerable changes, in terms of size and area, of which 20 have 15 with good movement of cars always, the rest are not in line, but by the existing limitations of the movement of vehicles, this explains Sanchez, the proximity of a parking lot to the office is something that seeks most people, so it will be impossible that the big can go wrong, the complicated thing is for small and neighborhood, so it is said that parking is good business not accessible to everyone.

Why are parking lots a good business not accessible to everyone?

  The garages that we can say are big must have an estimated capacity of 200 to 300 spaces, what have only 100 will be medium and the small ones between 35 and 50 spaces, the numbers according to Marcelo in the first case, we have that a garage that is used efficiently in Recoleta, area of a constant flow, will present in the figures bonds of 100 monthly, where it will be each one of 6000$, adding in addition, about 40000$ per day, being this from Monday to Friday a total of 1400000 in gross, In this regard, Sanchez notes that there is no garage today that reaches a turnover of $ 1 million, because the gross amount although it seems high, passes through many discounts such as VAT of 21 percent, taxes, insurance and salary of employees, we have the reference of 98 where the salary held by an employee was equivalent to a payment of 3 garages per month, now we have that are 10 of these payments, The large parking lots have up to 7 employees and small less than 4, is seen at first glance by is a good business not accessible to everyone.

 The profitability becomes less taking into account that there are cases where the surface must be rented, what is left to the owner of a garage is for the $ 70,000 per month, from this total must make the rental payments, where it goes directly without any profit, most of those who manage a garage, rent, we talk about that 20 percent of these do, Something that directly affects this good business not accessible to all, is to adjust in reference to inflation, where the regulations speak of the value in neighborhoods like Monserrat or San Cristobal should be $ 70 an hour, in areas like Palermo or Recoleta is $ 125, the opinion of the sector of The Parking expressed that should be increased to about $ 200, only that the current economy is not possible.

 The regulation of parking on the street may make possible an increase in demand for garages and parking beaches, the law is already approved, only indicating by the Secretary of Transportation and Public Works that is 25 percent of the possible places to park will be charged, being less the number of cars to be parked on the streets, Esteban Sucari said that with this measure will be more people who will have to find a garage to park, it is normal that if on the street you are not charged for parking it is the right choice to make, but now it will be the opposite, plus the risks and the struggle for a place to park, so the choice will be the garage, even if it is higher than the charge made by the parking meter, it is even profitable for those who work daily to rent a garage a month to make it more economical.

 We have finished this article, where our discussion was based on the fact that parking lots in the city are good business not accessible to everyone, it is expected from us that this content will be useful to our readers, without further ado, it will be until the next opportunity.

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