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New scam on WhatsApp: they offer a $ 5,000 fake coupon

2020-01-13 15:02:56

The conversation topic we are going to have covered by this article is the New WhatsApp scam: it offers a fake coupon of $ 5,000.

The criminals of the networks, seek to create chaos through the offer of a false coupon of $ 5,000, the victims being what are unprepared before this type of situations, according to this it cost on the anniversary of a company that works online shopping, but It is actually a scam on WhatsApp, through this way the message arrives directly or in groups, this detected by the Latin American research laboratory, so that we know more about it it is good that we access the content that comes now.

What is the WhatsApp scam that offers a fake coupon of $ 5,000?

When the message arrives, we have that the name of the company is appreciable first, which is supplanted by the domain in the URL that invites those who receive the message to access, those in charge of this scam in WhatsApp have the use of a complete domain, being part of a registered URL and thus the deception is centered for those who do not take into account the complete URL, EST verified the existence of a company in which the offer of free coupons is made, but using the Identity of two supermarkets in Argentina that are well known, to take into account it is important to know that the real domain will be to the left of the final identifier, this being noted before .com, .com.ar, .br, .club seen in This case, so www.xxxxxxxxxxre.com-xxxxx.club is the domain, so the real domain is is compxxxxx.club and is registered.

Something to highlight apart from the message, is the time of the offer, if these campaigns were real, they will generally have the reference date, or the validity of the same, which should pay close attention to these invitations, said Luis Lubeck, ESET Latin America IT security specialist, let's go ahead with the details of the $ 5,000 fake coupon.

What is the survey about the WhatsApp scam about?

To opt for the false coupon of $ 5,000 as a benefit, the user will be seen with a survey and once he answers a series of questions, he will supposedly pass a verification of his answers, the following is that the deception rises, since now the message is forwarded to opt for the supposed benefit, you have to send the message to the groups or 2nd contacts, once this is done, the deception continues, now everything is randomly reduced to the choice of a box which would bring the prize which was promised, the ESET determined that the amount of available coupons was never modified and that with any selection it would always be won, Lubeck is sure of this.

This WhatsApp scam that offers a false coupon of $ 5,000 comes to a time where you go beyond being distributed, if not that the intention is to obtain financial data from these possible victims, where the redirection of the page will request that data, when click on the OK button, in the case of a streaming service in this case, before clicking to avoid these deceptions it is important that the URL is checked, it is possible to consider a little research on the web, to have information in this regard or know about the reports of this deception.

What can we do to avoid this kind of deception?

In order not to fall more into a WhatsApp scam that offers for example a $ 5,000 fake coupon, we may consider the following:
  • We must be sure of the origin of links or files before sharing

  • Our devices are important to keep them updated

  • The devices we have to connect to the network is good to have the installation of security solutions.

  • We must not click on doubtful links, so we have received them by acquaintances since it is possible that the one who sent it to us is also a victim

  • The official channels are the best way to be attentive and if these channels are not promotions not taking them into account is the best option.

With this we reach the end, we hope this content is supportive for our readers, which was about the scam on WhatsApp: it offers a fake coupon of $ 5,000.

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