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Marijuana Stock Falls Despite Q2 Revenue Soaring 466%

2020-01-14 17:52:06

Businesses are not always favorable in all cases, and marijuana is included there, let's see why marijuana shares fall.

The actions of the marijuana producing companies show considerable variations, since while the Canadian company Aphria reported gains after the strong falls last year although this has referred to the decline again and with it other actions of the product, evidencing that the shares of Marijuana fall. two

What are the numbers of Aphiria?

On the one hand the income obtained is evident, they get an increase of 465.5 percent to 20.6 million Canadian dollars, only that these gains are not available in Zacks and this also implied a drop of 3 cents in the case of the shares of said company .

At the beginning the actions had a rise, but sadly this did not last long and they were reversed, the point of falling by 3.7 percent, thereby receiving a low IBD rating around 22, when the actions require 39.

The company worked since October last year with one interesting numbers, because when executing them selling more than half of the income related to the distribution, this implied about 650 to 700 million Canadian dollars, so that with it the marijuana could have placed well stopped, since for the previous quarter there was an increase of at least 8 percent representing some 30.785 million Canadian dollars, only that the excess of the product has hindered sales, and this brings with it a series of events negatives that could lead to a possible bankruptcy, because when the actions of marijuana fall, it is a pillar that has to collapse in a versatile way.

The forecasts for this year will only depend on the Aphria Diamond plant, because when obtaining the production license, it is obviously legal and therefore its sales could increase considerably, the second half of the fiscal year being a key date to observe the sales, because the objective should be to consider the possibility that the fact that Marijuana actions fall will not happen again, because more factors involved in the fall are already seen here.

What can we say about marijuana stocks today?

Today there are other large companies that produce this product, since they have all presented falls, but they are still in the fight, in the case of Tirlay the fall was 0.7 percent, while Cronos showed a loss of 1.5 percent One hundred, meanwhile, Aurora Cannabis showed a loss of 1.5 percent, and Canopy Growth was down 1.3 percent.

It should be noted that the Canadian company has encountered a not very pleasant matter and it is clear that the returns of the vapors are evident, since they have been voluntarily removed, because they had some failures and therefore did not meet the necessary requirements of consumers, they have only said that the products will be resumed briefly. On the other hand, the analyst MKM Partners Bill kirk has made an investigation where it makes clear that the predictions of the companies, on the possible gains of 29 percent is really possible, because it is located in the right place, although I dismiss that they could not become better than the flip of a coin, assuming that if Marijuana shares fall, it would not be precisely because of the product, because they really fall due to lack of personnel who buy it.

In general terms, the actions of marijuana fall but not precisely due to lack of investment, simply other factors related to the use of marijuana

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