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Kids now don't save on piggy banks

2020-01-13 15:47:06

Have you ever wondered why today kids do not save on piggy banks, well here we will explain why this type of detail happens

What is the reason why kids no longer save on piggy banks?

 Modernity and digital money have meant that these saving methods are no longer used by children, since physical money has been gradually becoming lost in the past, for example there are some elements or objects that tend to have a very high value. above the value of the bills, this being a paradox, because traditions and beliefs have been somewhat forgotten, especially when we ourselves tend to instill in the children that times change, giving way to these habits tend to be lost , clinging to digital money, detail that could entail at a certain time that physical money can disappear, so that it is interesting the idea that little ones no longer save in piggy banks as we are taking them to the digital era of currencies.

 With the help of parents, kids have opted for the use of digital piggy banks, as a way to save money, because they already see piggy banks as part of the past, which gives way to the new generations of savers, tends to be a little slower and with that we mean the little ones of 7 or 8 years approximately.

What is the purpose of the GoHenry and Osper applications?

 These applications have a considerable growth of users, because, due to the obvious technology that many children have that consider an important aspect the fact that they no longer save in piggy banks, because today they have smartphones, which they can use to search Ways to practice digital savings, because that is why these applications have emerged with the objective of showing them the benefits of savings and to which market it can be directed, as well as the benefits that investors can obtain, since debit cards They function as an equivalent of such applications, taking money in one form or another to the virtual format.

 What is the Gimi application?

 This is an application of Swedish origin, whose objective is to save children, because it encourages savings as part of education, it is simply a service for which parents have the obligation to cancel interest, for the money saved from children, this being an excellent tool to encourage them not to spend.

Who is at the forefront of kids's digital savings?

A child alone cannot use these savings, obviously thinking that the little ones no longer save on piggy banks, it is precisely the parents or guardians who exercise such control, because supervision is vital, since children are they grant a debit card, and therefore it is our duty to teach them to use it in a rational way, because, we are talking about their savings and what this implies, it is here where the spirit of saving plays a fundamental role, because we must teach the child the efficient use of savings, responsible expenses, increased savings, because the transparency with which we instill them has an enormous weight, which will serve them in the future.

Parents or guardians should always be vigilant of children's movements, which is why the GoHenry application is chosen, as this virtual portfolio allows us to get constant and safe supervision of children's cats, because this system allows that minors can execute virtual payments, making the theft look much smaller, because it works as a secure tool, since among many things it has the ability to block debit cards instantly through parents when it has been lost, allowing in this way be one of the great advances to make use of digital money, and giving way to open the possibility that physical money can disappear, so currently we are faced with the idea that the little ones in the house no longer They save on piggy banks, since it tends not to be viable.

 In this way we close these recommendations about why kids do not save on piggy banks, virtual wallets being an attraction for children.

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