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JPMorgan exceeds market estimates due to brokerage gains

2020-01-14 14:01:38

The content is specifically JPMorgan and we will have in particular the details to know as to which JPMorgan exceeds market estimates.

It has been reported that quarterly profits improved for JPMorgan over schedule, this is due to the effectiveness of the results in the intermediation businesses and the insurance subscriptions that were responsible for compensating the weakness that exists in the banking segment of the consumer, this is reported (Reuters), now what else can we know about it in terms of JPMorgan exceeding market estimates, let's see what follows in the following content.

In which JPMorgan exceeds market estimates?

We have that the largest bank in the United States saw the net profit increased to 8520 million dollars, represents it at 2.57 dollars per share, on December 31 where the quarter ended, in the same period last year , it had to be in 7070 million dollars or 1.98 dollars per share, also by 9 percent net sales were increased, these to 29210 million dollars, the expected by the analysts was exceeded, being the expectations that these had at 2.35 dollars per share and the turnover of 27940 million dollars, data according to Refinitiv.

Almost 2 percent operated JPMorgan's upside shares, prior to the opening of Wall Street in business, total segment revenues were boosted due to the strength of the bond brokerage business, allowing relief from the concern generated because of the impact of the trade war that the United States and China are going through, also the world economy slowed down.

What is JPMorgan's situation so far?

The geopolitical issues at present are very complex, in addition, if they are constant, at the moment the world growth is stable, although it is at a lower level, towards the end of the year there were determining factors in which our clients were supported , expressed by Jamie Dimon, chief executive of JPMorgan in a statement. Revenues from fixed-income operations skyrocketed at 86 percent, which represents $ 3400 million, compared to the same period last year, where there were conditions that reached impact on debt markets, at 15 percent being 1500 millions of dollars increased the turnover of the segment of the shares.

Consumer banking revenues decreased by 2 percent, this being for 6400 million dollars, due to the margin of deposits in the vast majority, for the United States JPMorgan is a barometer of the health of the economy, these results begin the corporate reporting season of the country, later it will be Citigroup who will present its quarterly figures.

In this way our article has come to an end, hoping that readers take into account the topic discussed in this content, this being about JPMorgan, where it was explained in detail in particular about whether JPMorgan exceeds market estimates.

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