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Investments: Invest in Redfin another business option

2020-01-05 12:19:16

In this article we will talk about investments and specifically about one option we have such as Investing in Redfin.

For most of 2018, interest rates and mortgages increased considerably, which could have killed the real estate market at that time, then everything turned around due to the impact caused by the Federal Reserve's rate cuts and the falling treasury yield, has meant that housing investments are kept moving and active, lowering mortgage rates, which will represent the ideal formula for this 2020 to double Invest in Redfin.

What are Redfin's objectives?

There are many companies that will be handling other approaches different from Redfin, for this the profitability is not a priority in the short term, the main objectives that this has, is to scale in its platform through technology and have an important participation in the real estate market, using traditional real estate agents is achieving these objectives, being 1 percent the rate of quotation, are reducing those costs that bother both the buyer and seller, being a smart move.

What should we know about Redfin?

In the high margin services that Redfin is seeking, which can facilitate buying and selling, it has made significant progress, expanded nationally, performing essential tasks such as title, valuation and inspection of housing, all this is included in a single package, which leads consumers to take care of the company, Closing the buying or selling objection, perhaps the 39 per sciento increase for many is not surprising, achieved in the second quarter, where it also increased its market share by 11 points, to 0.94 per sciento of the country's (U.S.) homes in terms of sales in 2019 from the first quarter.

With this, our final article, in which we talk about investments and investments in Redfin, we hope that our readers are satisfied with this content and that they find it useful and teach on this topic.

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