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Investments: Invest in Meet Group

2020-01-05 10:44:53

Today we can invest in many things and elements, so today we bring you an article whose epicenter is Investing in Meet Group

What is Meet Goup?

 This is simply a dating house that maintains an alliance with Nasdaq, because they specialize in live broadcasting and interaction in social networks, making it a company in which you can invest and get growth, because according to some sources this site has an annual figure of $ 3 million generated in revenue.

Why invest in Meet Group?

 Meet Group has some mobile applications such as Skout, Tagged, Growl and MeetMe, to some extent growth has depended on them, thanks to the brand's renown, as users of the daily active videos showed a considerable increase to the point that they reached 892.000, equivalent to 21 percent of users, only during the second quarter, which represents an impressive boom, since this work through Live maintains daily active income in the order of $ 0.26, which presents a striking increase over the same second quarter of last year in 2018 which was $ 0.15, this implies that the company focused more on the videos, because they are the ones who generate more income, at least that is what has recently been shown compared to the previous year.

What are the changes Meet Group presents?

Due to the boom it is having, the considerable increase that brings with it more profits, the group is making some changes, mainly in security, as this is practically behind schedule, this was at least evident in the preliminary update of the third quarter, and now it must take another direction in this sense as the revenue goals have gone into 2 digits, through the live transmissions, presenting a considerable increase in profits and best of all according to the forecasts it is a doubling taking into account time and space in its favor.

 We can conclude by commenting that Investing in Meet Group is simply an excellent alternative due to the growth it has had in the last few quarters.

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