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ICO Marketing: How to build your ICO Marketing strategy

2019-12-20 15:46:40

In this guide we will discuss about the ICO Marketing and the guidelines that we must take into account to know how to build your ICO Marketing strategy

Initial Coin offers, is simply the meaning for ICO Marketing is one of the fundraising options through a distribution of crypto tokens by a company, in this guide we will know many things, we must know how to build your ICO Marketing strategy , which has a direct relationship with the OCIs, so that we have more precise details it is good to access the following content.

What is an ICO?

The OCIs are responsible for the sales of crypto currencies, mostly known as tokens, they are used as a means of financing a specific project, being sure of the success of a project in general, we can acquire by buying the tokens to feed the project with a discount, when launching the project we can use the tokens or sell them.

ICO Marketing means the initial coin offer, which is derived from the traditional OPI financial term, the initial public offering, this is used to detect new companies that are in the stock exchanges, called the stock market, has as its purpose An IPO selling the shares of a company in order to obtain capital from the public, these terms will be important to know how to build your ICO Marketing strategy.

  • · Functions

Through the ICO Marketing the projects of any cryptocurrency company are launched, which creates a whitepaper, this is a document in which there are many aspects that are related to the project and that are important, these are:

  • 1. What is the project about?
  • 2. What needs will the project meet?
  • 3. How much money is needed for the project?
  • 4. Who is the team behind the project?

  • · How will the chips that will be sold in the ICO Marketing be distributed

The Etherum platform is responsible for establishing the sale of ICO Marketing tokens, ICO tokens are returned when people send ether once a contract is established, the ICOs have a soft and a hard cover, the target is the minimum of collection that requires an ICO in a certain time, so that the project starts, in case the soft cap is not fulfilled, it will be a failure and the money is returned to the investors.

The fundraiser is the central objective of the project, it is what is sought by the team, when fulfilling the hard cap will not accept more funds, when the soft top is reached, there the founder team will start working and Through the funds raised, the project will be brought to life, in a nutshell it should be known that the OCIs are a kind of Kickstarter for crypto projects, we are entering the guidelines to know How to build your ICO Marketing strategy.

  • · ICO examples

The pre-sale of Ethereum tokens in 2014 is the best example of an ICO, an ether token was sold at $ 0.40 or so, for that time if we made a purchase of $ 100, the equivalent to the present day 2019 is 50,000 Dollars.

The DAO project is quite the opposite, the worst example, an organization raised 150 million dollars in Ethereum, but once ICO finished shortly after, a hacker took a third of what was raised due to a code error in Ethereum

What to do to evaluate an ICO?

It is important that before you go to invest in an ICO you read the white paper of the ICO Marketing, carry out the necessary research of the project and the founders and with the surrounding community to integrate, it is also important to understand the way of distribution of the tokens of the project, the OCIs that have the largest amount of tokens, will allow the sale of these tokens to the founders to obtain a profit once the OCI culminates quickly, if we want to know how to build their ICO Marketing strategy we must know many concepts and basic things.

It should be noted that the projects that ended up with initial losses for investors are in more than 90 percent. If there is no maximum limit for the project, you can receive high funding, having more than necessary may lead to complications in the project , reducing performance and focus, certainly many projects before a code was made could have multi-million dollar collections.

  • · ICO Marketing risk

The companies that start their operations with cryptocurrency see risks in working with the ICO Marketing, so many are inclined towards the OCIs, it is not due to the reliability of the project, everything is due to the desire for the benefit immediately, what causes before the project an uproar, once the rumors are extinguished, the creators and investors of the project will want to take their money off the table, taking them to the sale of the chips massively, so that it will cause a sharp drop in the price, despite It is important that we continue forward to know how to build your ICO Marketing strategy

The ribbon for the creation of an ICO is quite low today, but an IPO to perform this requires compliance with many regulations. Instead, the OCIs avoid this by raising money in cryptocurrency, this has not yet been regulated, if we start In critocurrency and ICO Marketing the main rule is that we investigate before committing our money to any project and this is an answer in relation to how to build your ICO Marketing strategy

ICO vs. STO vs. IEO

It is important to know that all three have the same purpose, for projects we can all use them to raise funds for projects.

The first that emerged were the OCIs, as far as fundraising is considered wild, since they do not have, nor with supervision, regulation and even become complete scams, in a few words there are no rules for an ICO, to begin with It is only enough to join an investor, in the case of OSTs are regulated OCIs. For STOs there are government regulations and therefore they have accredited investors in general.

The deal with securities tokens is for STOs, where the chips that are sold represent a financial asset, ICO Marketing can sell utility tokens that feed a specific platform.

Managed by a change of cryptocurrency the OEI are OCIs, in the OEI everything is done through the commercial platform that exists, this in linking of a company that is responsible for the sale to the public of the chips directly, a commission is paid by Those companies that carry out an OEI and on the stock exchange deliver some of their files, taking with them the responsibility for the success of the OEI, fulfilling different tasks, the commercialization, of the funds and the pertinent investigations of the investors, let's continue with the solution of How to build your ICO Marketing strategy.

How to build your ICO Marketing strategy

We must have some considerations if we want to know successfully how to build your ICO Marketing strategy and these are the following:

  • · Find a need

We must ensure that our project will solve a real problem, not being at all in an ICO Marketing, be clear about the need to use a token, on many occasions the use of a token has been forced and even unnecessary for many projects with great potential, this is a key answer to how to build your ICO Marketing strategy that we should consider.

  • · Build a great team

The experience of our team in terms of cryptocurrency will be important, so we must be sure of this, both in business and ICO Marketing. There are teams that have highly qualified experts in cryptography, but they cannot do business management.

  • · Publish a Whitepaper / Build a website

We must publish on whitepaper once we have our project ready with a detailed description of our project, it is important to avoid duplicates of the contents of other white papers, it will be the worst thing we could do to our ICO Marketing, because it is a scam in a few words, so we must know how to build your ICO Marketing strategy, a website is a good strategy, having a good design, in modern aspects and that is clear and accessible.

We can use an explanatory video that serves How to build your ICO Marketing strategy, which will allow us to send a message that attracts and for this we must take into account the following:

  • - We must on the website make a strong call to the attention of investors
  • - You have to have an attractive and transparent email on the website
  • - The enumeration of all the members of our team and links to the LinkeIn profiles
  • - Teach on our website the vision and the route and programming of events.

  • · Market your ICO Marketing

We continue to see the solutions to our question which is How to build your ICO Marketing strategy, it is important to highlight that as a strategy it is important to market the ICO before the ICO itself, for this we will have more details.

  • · Run your ICO Marketing

We will start the ICO Marketing by establishing the contract for our fundraising operations, having done everything indicated it will be easier to have investors in our project and thus knowing how to build your ICO Marketing strategy will be ideal

How to build your ICO Marketing strategy - Development

SEO optimization

We have that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is something that we cannot ignore, since it will be key in How to build your ICO Marketing strategy, if we leave it out it is the end of our project because it is condemned to failure, Now if we manage to do it in a perfect way, it will be a guarantee of stability, in this strategy, ORM (Online Reputation Management) is also related, which is for controlling the attacks and negativity that rivals can cause.

With SEO we will be sending a message to potential investors, which will indicate that we are in this in a long-term period and not just an ICO Marketing, so it is important that this strategy is visible before investors, if not be scary thinking that they could be scammed by the ICO, when there is a regulation of advertising become more stringent and the narrower trade route, we have to know how to build your well-thought and professional SEO ICO Marketing strategy, the basis of everything .

  • · Disclosure in the media and public relations

  • Ø Press releases

For the sending of our message we have the press releases, this is a method with experience previously used, in a professional way we must write the statement and add it to the websites, internally but we can also opt for an ICO Marketing agency so that Be more conventional and have more efficiency.

Our statement can also be published on sites that are free, but paying a premium we can go to a higher level and use it How to build your ICO Marketing strategy, giving greater scope and exposure of it.

  • Ø Messages and Guest Articles

Publish our articles in the relevant and popular websites, it will be a great strategy for our goals to reach the public, it will make our article have a lot of value, it is good to know that there are free places of great level where it will be possible to publish.

ICO Marketing companies in this circumstance is where the experience they have is positioned, it is because it is not easy to find the right places and quality content generated, to have a great impulse of How to build your ICO Marketing strategy in SEO, with guest entries and articles with tracking backlinks.

  • Ø Coin listings
In specialized first level sites, the inclusion of our ICO will be an integral part of How to build your ICO Marketing strategy, listings are an essential method for credibility and visibility of our project before the offer, in addition, these sites There is a premium, but we must take it into account in any kind of ICO Marketing budget, there are certainly sites that are free but these do not have the necessary scope that Premiums do offer.

  • Ø PPC
This is a type of Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement, it has a great challenge for the marketing of our ICO Marketing, since there are regulations on Facebook, linkedin and Twitter, being places of a very high profile, this could be among the Best option of How to build your ICO Marketing strategy, being more difficult Google regulate the advertising of the ICO, certainly there are many sites and blogs that are specialized in cryptography, networks for news and advertising with banners, but the market decreases.

  • · ICO Marketing by email

This is for the How to build your ICO Marketing strategy, being a more conventional channel can give us large dividends, but in the same way that the PPC is complicated by many restrictions and regulations, the ICO mail was banned by MailChip One of the largest providers of this service, other providers are certainly on the market, when dealing with mail, the best way is to create our own email list, it certainly takes a long time and will not be the fastest solution.

  • · Social media and communities
The solution to How to build your ICO Marketing strategy is closer, this topic is essential for the success of our ICO Marketing, based on social media and the management of the crypto community, with a training base, it is possible to perform or break , for which it will be a priority that we gain the trust of the community, now the ICO Marketing channels that connect from the stakeholders determine the success of the ICO and this includes How to build your ICO Marketing strategy to the following:

  • Ø Reddit
We talk about the Reddit community having an audience that is well informed, so that we have a successful path with our ICO Marketing it will be important that we gain trust, we can generate a high level of exposure using the creation of sub-bits and / or comments on issues that already exist, being a fundamental part How to build your ICO Marketing strategy

  • Ø Facebook groups
Certainly Facebook does not accept advertising but we can use popular groups that have an interest in ICO Marketing, cryptocurrency and blockchain, where at the same time we can build our own community of stakeholders.

  • Ø Twitter 

There is no advertising here either, but as for the crypto community, it has the platform with a lot of popularity, using marketing allows it to be one of the answers that exist to How to build your ICO Marketing strategy to market for the many followers that exist.

  • Ø Telegram

In the beginning the crypto community found in the telegram a perfect option for a relationship, we talked about the social media platform that has grown faster and which should be commercialized, it continues to grow in popularity.

  • Ø Specialized forums

There are specialized forums such as Bitcointalk.org, which have a popularity being widely read by the crypto community and are of a high degree of influence.

  • Ø Quora Discussions
A high-level exhibition is offered with the popular discussions and they are updated continuously, which serve as the emitter of our OIC message.

  • Ø LinkedIn Groups
These have thousands of members, are free and are specifically aimed at a type of audience that is well formed, which will be a perfect example.

  • · Rewards programs
This is an effective form of motivation for investors before the ICO and the time they keep the parties that are interested after the offer, airdropping is a way of marketing the ICO and carefully should be handling so which, we must not give away any card, or perform the optimization and some method that is popular, this can lead to think of our project as a scam or impair its viability.

  • · ICO Face-to-face Marketing
The best situation is in the face to face, for closing deals, going to crypto and blockchain events, conference, they will be the ideal places to promote our project offer, it is very valuable that the founders attend or CEO as many events as possible, in order to build trust and make agreements, serving how to build your ICO Marketing strategy, in addition, it has its cost to attend or sponsor events, even more if they include travel, but knowing that these will represent a return of investment in the future it is good that they are in the budget.

End of our guide, in which we talk about ICO Marketing and especially in this regard we work on the topic of How to build your ICO Marketing strategy, we hope that this content is of the greatest possible interest and that it is very useful.

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