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Huawei: Trouble overseas but boom time in China

2020-01-15 18:19:14

Our article brings with it the details of Huawei's boom in China despite the problems.

In Beijing, a 34-year-old tech entrepreneur named Jun Yu says that in one corner of his house he has more than 20 smartphones, old tablets and many other devices, what we call a junk yard for technology, due to constant growth, In his apartment, as if that weren't enough, he has a smart assistant Google Home and Amazon Echo, every day he goes out with 3 phones, one with the Chinese applications, the iPhone for Gmail and Western applications, finally my Google Pixel for work. Now that we are going to wait for the boom in China, we will see later in this article.

Again with Jun Yu, in 2009 he acquired the first Android phone, which in these moments of the update runs 80 percent of smartphones with this software, in the following year he graduated in physics, he created his own company which allowed the creation of content for Chinese Androit users, by 2016 this made the sale of the company to Alibaba, which is the Chinese giant of electronic commerce, is currently waiting for 5G, the technology of the next generation , where a mobile phone can have extremely fast internet connection, whether a movie could be downloaded in seconds or a high definition TV broadcast, it is possible that the boom in China is high with the boom in China and 5G.

A smartphone for 5G was pre-ordered by Jun Yu in October, which is manufactured by Xiaomi from China, in this regard it says that 4G has achieved important things like mobile video, more immersive games, I hope 5G is the same Although I don't know how.

One of the most important suppliers of 5G equipment such as Huawei China, has been hindered in the United States and the United Kingdom its deployment of 5G networks, but despite this it remains to be seen if this affects the boom in China.

What are the problems outside with Huawei?

Despite the boom in China, the use of Huawei devices in 5G networks has been banned by the United States, this is due to security fears, also calling for allies to do the same, has also carried out a check Sneaky as far as what companies in this country sell to Huawei, thus interrupting sales abroad, certainly the boom in China will not stop, Edison Lee, thinks that this pressure is to end the boom in China in terms of the market 5G world, says the industry analyst.

The United States has a technological war that is based on the fact that China's advances in technology are due to the fact that they have been built on stolen intellectual property rights and subsidies by the government, thus implying that the equipment is safe for us Chinese telecoms, so much that it supposedly threatens the national security of the US and allies, says Lee, as well as Huawei and ZTE, as markets in the world of telecommunication equipment dominate, the Western world will be as soon as to vulnerable Chinese espionage.

The power in telecommunications has denied that its technology can be used for espionage, the boom in China continues its course, due to advances in the launch of 5G, while Western nations feel worried about one of the providers of this technology , in more than 50 cities, the 5G service was launched on October 31 by telecommunications companies, for the world it is the largest network, so the boom in China is large-scale by its inhabitants.

How has Huawei worked with the 5G network today for the boom in China?

As for the network we have that 50 percent has been built by Huawei, in just 20 days more than 800,000 subscribers were added, affirmed by the Chinese Ministry of Information, analysts predict that it will become the boom in China with up to 110 millions of users in 2020 with the 5G, at this time the uses for this technology are being sought by China, a plot exists to the north of Hong Kong, vehicles with autonomy powered by the 5G made by the researchers.

There is a partnership with China Mobile, China's largest telecommunications company with the Hong Kong Institute of Applied Science and Technology, where it has been considered that for vehicles 5G can be very useful, due to the possible creation of what can happen in the surroundings, communication between vehicles will be possible, indications of traffic signals and sensors on the road, influencing the boom in China.

Alex Mui, a project researcher, says that for consumers, they will have the transformation in terms of interaction with others with the 5G, it is possible that roads, road infrastructure can be transformed and applications for improved assisted driving for the government exist, Even autonomous driving is possible. Certainly it should be noted that China is not the first to launch this 5G technology, but in the world it can become one of the largest markets very quickly.

What are the expectations of Huawei 5G in the foreign market?

It is normal that outside the boom in China, the expansion in markets such as the United States is so lucrative, in November during a 5G convention the United States was accused of using excuse cybersecurity for protectionism, this accusation was made by China's Minister of Industry and Information, Miao Wei says that no country should ban a company from deploying 5G if it has evidence of the accusations made against them.

The dispute between China and the US will not be resolved soon, according to industry analysts, for Ben Wood, head of research at CCS Insight, what we are seeing in the current tensions is itself a cold war as far as to technology, although technological nationalism intensifies, in addition, with the Chinese government committed to creating a boom in China in terms of 5G, the market for national Huawei presents great opportunities, only that the rest of the world should not be left behind, the China's company infrastructure is key to US mobile networks and, on the contrary, it will depend on other providers that lack the development that China has.

Our article is finished, in which we talk about the rise in Huawei of China despite the problems, the expectations is that this information is informative and explanatory for our readers regarding the topic treated by it and that it is useful.

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