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Huawei: 'No smoking gun' in US's 5G dossier

2020-01-15 15:37:43

Huawei has given much to talk about these days as the US 5G file. UU. It keeps it at bay for alleged violation of national security.

Currently, the relations maintained by the allies have been fragmented, since the United Kingdom and the US have diverse interests in terms of 5G technology, to the point that the US 5G file. UU. , It has been a detail that takes considerable stir, making it a bit complicated decision-making, as both countries are linked in the issue of security and it is precisely Huawei who with its 5G technology has managed to divide them a bit.

What is the central point of the US 5G file? UU. about Huawei?

The epicenter of this Dossier is simply the issue of national security, which could be affected by the US, be affected, so a meeting was held on Monday to refine the details, so that the United States has intensified the lobbying campaign on the Asian company.

The United States remains strong as an oak before the decision that they believe violates national security, since sabotage and coercion according to them are essential points that Chinese companies touch, because espionage is really an issue that the United States he fears, to the point of thinking that the information that is transmitted from machine to machine, can simply trigger in some chaos, due to the supposed actions of 5G technology, to the point that they have made the US 5G file. UU. , capturing the details of why they do not accept that Huawei has advances in this technology, or worse yet implement it as such.

What can we say about the sources that revealed the US 5G file. UU. about Huawei?

Definitely the US 5G file. UU. It has been quite complex, but not for the sources that have revealed it or at least have said something about it, because, there could be Chinese intelligence officials working in Huawei, because according to the file the company received state subsidies from the Army People's Liberation, then, according to the report, the company and the state have links.

In the US 5G file. UU. , there is talk about the role that Huawei n the Asian giant has, it is accused of spying on some figures opposed to the government and even of helping governments according to the North American country autocrats of Africa.

A very important detail and that should be considered despite the fact that the US 5G file. UU. ., Want to tarnish the company is that, it is precisely this same company who has said that she was sure that the UK government would make an evidence-based decision, the place of unfounded accusations, since the most suitable should always be the evidence, even if these last times do not work much.

The protection of the nucleus in the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom undoubtedly places a very clear point, and that is that the most sensitive part, that is to say the kernel, is outside Huawei, as this implies that the IP addresses of the devices, invoices and decisions such as data or Voice routers will remain outside the company, as a preventive measure, as this seeks to mitigate any risk, as it is clear that the US 5G file. UU. ., has managed to keep this European country alert.

Is it possible that Huawei threatens the Five Eyes alliance?

Those who are now willing to exclude this company indicate that the current distinction between their central and non-central parts could be lost due to 5G technology, as British intelligence officials have been working together for more than 10 years, stating that they They have more knowledge of reality, because part of the US 5G file. UU. it simply reveals the reality of the British evaluation center itself in relation to Huawei products, because in this country the protection of the cores is at its highest level against possible interference, which may be done by technology companies.

It is clear that the diplomatic dispute between Beijing and Washington remains strong, to the point of taking the US 5G file. UU. ., because this brings to light some reactions, such as the one given by the Australian Prime Minister, Turnbull, because in his opinion the real question is not to look for a smoking gun but to ask if it is a gun charged and you want to take this risk, because security officials remain alert in order to handle all the `possible risks, recognizing this broad environment, it will only be expected to happen with this issue, after investments are made after Brexit.

The United States continues with the file on Huawei, because for them the tensions between them and China have been favorable, today more due to the attention that the United Kingdom has given to the possibility of using 5G technology that Huawei can implement, as it is Obviously, eliminating it could slow down the future of connections, especially since some telecommunications companies have started to sell it, because this equipment usually adapts to the needs of the United States, says it would be even more expensive to remove all This team, when people finally understand the danger they cause.

Some relevant details about spying secrets.

  • Explicit threats have not yet been evidenced, everything is summarized in the language about reviews and confidentiality about media that do not use 5G technology.

  • Information on the exchange of intelligence may be restricted.

  • It is possible that the president and the congress keep vigilant in case the decision usually goes against Washington.

  • It is clear that China has managed to introduce a real problem, which maintains regulations closely linked to Five Eyes, being Australia, a country that has sided with the US, leaving Canada and New Zealand as support for the Asian company.

  • British officials may believe that the United States could simply be bluffing.

  • Finally, it is good to make it clear that not everyone will always be happy, since conflicts for any minimum detail often arise constantly, even if a decision has been made about right or wrong, the disagreement remains in the public light.

In summary the US 5G file. UU., Simply has much to contribute, for profit or against, but still giving much to talk about being Huawei the epicenter of discord.

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