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How you benefit from taking naps at work

2020-04-14 15:34:51

The vision for the future of some companies considers that taking naps at work can bring benefits in work performance.

  Although normally most companies see taking a break while employees are working as a negative factor, clearly others with a more futuristic vision consider it to be a necessary tool, since the benefits that employees can get from taking naps at work they seem to show other statistics, or at least from that point of view Google sees it, to name a few

What might be the benefits of napping at work?

The possibility of living longer.

 Sleeping can reduce heart disease by up to 30 percent, as this prevents suffering from blood pressure problems, according to a study carried out in 2007 has shown that the aforementioned results can be achieved by just taking a nap at noon, so do not Think twice and if given the chance to take naps at work, it will pay off in the future.

Creativity is awakened.

 Dennis Drabelle has said that a living example of the benefits of taking naps at work has been precisely Salvador Dali, since he used to take a nap at noon and this served to better prepare his surreal paintings, allowing him to relax his thumb and index fingers for later create once listened to the noise caused by the carry when it fell to the ground.

 Dali used to extend her arms to rest after noon, but when she woke up she simply managed to get some pretty creative paintings, and research has also made it quite clear that taking naps at work allows for an additional 405 of creativity that complements the benefits of Health, it really looks pretty good.

The possibility of being more productive at work.

 Getting naps at work could lead to certain benefits that could well allow us to perform more at work, because although today many offices simply do not allow it, it is class that some investigations have reflected that about 18 billion dollars have been lost due to the fatigue that some employees have and this leads to the fact that on the one hand fatal accidents can be achieved or simply that productivity can be affected considerably, because breaks allow our body to cool down a little and it simply improves encouragement allowing employees to be more productive.

Napping at work is a natural activity.

 The researcher William Dement has carried out a work entitled "Sleep and Alert", where he conducts chronological studies of behavior and medical aspects of napping, because if some comparisons are made it is possible to achieve that mammals generally sleep a little a day, allowing It will recover energy. Humans, on the other hand, only arrive tired from work in the afternoon and obviously require a more firm sleep, but in a changing society like today, it is possible to achieve those changes that can bring us benefits in a natural way.

World War II allowed Winston Churchill to sleep for a long period.

 The war led to many deaths but precisely Winston Churchill did not enter that list and can be attributed to the naps he took while bombs fell on the territory he protected, since it was the former British Prime Minister who has revealed the possibility of getting naps at work, because even if they are only about 20 minutes they serve to refresh or at least details of it, he has left in his memories that they have included some allusive words that nature had no intention of humans working from 8 From morning until midnight, since it is clear that the benefits of rest could never be visible, but Churchill was efficient enough in his rest time, as he chose to rest to regain strength.

The benefits of napping at work have positive consequences in Japan.

 Obviously, in western countries taking naps could be synonymous with laziness or being lazy, but on the other hand, the Japanese company Toyota does not consider it this way, since in its opinion it affirms that «No one frowns on it. And no one hesitates to take one during lunchtime either. ”

Clearly in Japan there is no shame in many of the employees who have chosen to rest their heads on the desks, since it is highly visible to observe a large number of people taking naps at work, and for the afternoon shift they do a great job. effort to give one hundred percent, thus leaving evidence that it is possible to get benefits by resting for a while.

Historically the best minds have managed to nap.

 Napping at work is simply an option to do the job with more performance, because simply the best minds throughout history have succeeded, example of this are Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Edison, because they have Naps have been shown to be truly great ways to do a more complete job.

Naps are obviously cheap.

 Taking a nap is simply an activity that is economical, if we compare it with a cup of coffee, because obviously caffeine normally has a cost, even though it can keep us active it does not come free, because it is clear that caffeine provides certain benefits but at a cost, because we not only focus on money but on possible cognitive damage, taking into account that this is a drug and can be harmful when sleepy, becoming a disadvantage.

`On the other hand, there are advantages of using caffeine, since we achieve improvement in verbal skills, and with it achieve some benefits directly related to the release of abstinence and this allows us to achieve better performance, since clearly the consumption of caffeine can achieve great improvements, but it definitely won't beat you for taking a good nap at work.

Finally taking naps at work has shown that they are an excellent strategy to get more efficient employees, since rest offers benefits that allow you to mobilize and echo skills and abilities with more vigor

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