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How to study better - method to incorporate knowledge

2020-04-16 15:38:26

Know the method to incorporate knowledge and study ideal approved by science.

study with the most recommended method to incorporate knowledge.

Tips on how to correctly use the method to incorporate indicated knowledge.

According to studies by psychologists Henry Roediger and Mark McDaniel of the University of Washington, they wrote a compilation book of their exhaustive studies on learning and memory, and they recently combined their discoveries in the book "Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning "(something like" Bring It to Sin: The Science of Successful Learning "), alongside writer Peter Brown, concluding that the method of incorporating knowledge used to study simply doesn't make sense.

According to the studies and tests carried out to analyze the methods, they recommended that it is best to study using interactive methods known as posters, diagrams, diagrams, among others.

1. Say NO to rereading.

As analyzed by the same university, a textual appointment is made of how they describe this method to incorporate knowledge when studying as ineffective:

“Young people, when they study, just reread their notes and notes. Most respondents concluded that this was their preferred method. However, we know from years and years of research at the University of Washington that repetitive recycling of information is not the best way to memorize in the long term. Studies show that students who reread a text have no improvement compared to those who read it only once.

When we read a text the first time, we extract a lot of information, but in the second reading we read "omitted", according to the parts that we already know. So basically we don't process it in-depth and we make almost no profit. Rereading is usually done above and is misleading, because it gives us the feeling that we know the material perfectly, when in fact there are several gaps. "

2. Turn the text into something visual and eye-catching

Something that psychologists recommend as a method to incorporate knowledge is the realization of diagrams, arguing that “Anything that promotes interactive knowledge (that generates self-understanding) is highly effective in retaining information. Basically it is about the student becoming more involved in the learning process. "


Asking and answering questions, whether the text or invented ones, serve as a study method to speed up the mind and forces remembering the answers, in the same way if the question is wrongly answered it serves as a self-diagnosis and you can know with more ease which is what we need to correct.

Asking questions also helps to understand the facts in greater depth. By trying to explain something, a better understanding is created, leading to better learning and a more lasting memory.

4.Find relationships between information and something known to you

"When you go back to studying the second reading, trying to relate the concepts in the text to something familiar. Connecting new information with previously acquired knowledge improves learning."

5. Memory cards your allies

Many students, once they consider that they understood what was written on the cards, discard them immediately to continue with the next one. Don't do it! keep them with you and keep an eye on them again once you're done with the others. The secret is to repeat them again even if you consider the lesson learned with that you will ensure your knowledge.

6.Do not leave the studies at the last minute

How many times have you read for an exam a day before? Well let me tell you that this is wrong because if you want any of the methods to incorporate knowledge to work they have to be done in advance and with ease, this way when studying it will be easier to learn and in parts.

 The method to incorporate the indicated knowledge should be the one that best suits your needs, try to test them all and mold them to your liking so that when you want to study the work is more bearable.

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