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How to save: What percentage of the salary should be saved?

2019-12-27 19:53:46

The next topic is to save and in this regard we will explain the guidelines to determine what percentage of the salary to save.

 A way of saving will allow us to know about our expenses at all times, the savings usually support us at those times when we get to have different difficulties in the day to day of our lives, or also to get something, what we We can ask what percentage of the salary must be saved, here in the following content we will see these questions resolved.

What should we consider to save?

 The first thing to consider is that having a good organization and control of expenses will be essential, the Fintonic app can be one of the many tools that can help us, with the 50/20/30 rule we can make an accurate distribution to build a solid saving, for more details let's see what follows.

What percentage of salary must be saved?

The most recommended method for saving is much more effective in youth, we talk about the 50/20/30 strategy, we will know with this where the total income will go and for the details of this method are the following:

  •  ·         50 percent

 This percentage of our salary, is intended to be used in basic expenses, be these, mortgage, bills, community, food, etc ... They are still the necessary expenses, whatever it is, now if it gets to spare better, only what ideal is not to spend it incorrectly.

  • ·         20 percent

 We talk that this will be the key percentage, destiny to our savings, which will allow us to cover debts and future situations that merit it, home arrangements and changes in our family, once we are young we have doubts, but then we will be grateful for the benefit that we can obtain when we reach an old age.

  •  ·         30 per cent

 The latter we will use in personal expenses, the things we have to do throughout the month, buy clothes in one month, in the next spend at leisure, these examples being the expenses for this 30 percent if there is the possibility of a surplus , we can include it in 20 percent.

 So we end with our explanation, hoping that it is understood that Saving is important in life, to be attentive to those setbacks or in the future to lead life calmly, the content presented answered What percentage of the salary must be saved, so we hope be helpful and useful to all readers.

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