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How to remember everything we read

2020-04-15 19:52:08

It is possible to remember absolutely everything we read, let's see below a series of interesting strategies.

 Reading in some cases is quite satisfactory, but on the contrary, in other cases it can cause adverse effects and this is due to the fact that the typeface used is not always the best, as it helps to cause other additional problems in the Nervous system.

Can typefaces improve memory?

 remembering is simply a fundamental part of our lives, because generally with the passage of age we can lose some capacities in memory, but there are very interesting and sustained investigations that affirm that everything we read can be remembered, and this is usually based on the rare lines of the brain, as well as in the forms, because in certain cases it is possible to dedicate a certain time to the reading of some information and we end up retaining it according to Diemand-Yauman, because in his study he affirms that the font has influence, Since guys like Britanic Bold or Chalkborad have simply made a big difference.

 For the Psychologist Diemand –Yauman, the students participating in typefaces with the previously described models obtained better results in the study than everything we read, since they managed to learn with simple enough fonts, thus allowing them to think that remembering could be based simply on the forms and figures that can be used. It has also been quite clear saying that it is really feasible at this point to take advantage of the texts, because remembering not only depends on the changes in the routine of reading, and for this he has told us that:

Making a change to the fonts will simply work to remember, because we don't need to go crazy.

The more difficult a source can be, the more likely it is to remember it, as this can be an excellent way to retain everything we read.

How to remember everything we read?

 Currently it is possible to read in books, newspapers, mobile devices, computers, etc., there are truly many sources where we can read, the detail is that we do not always apply it or we do it just to get out of trouble, so it is difficult to retain everything we read, But we can choose to use the best strategy that works for us.

 The Books: Generally it has a quite complex typeface and they are usually perhaps one of the least used options in society today, since they fight between the equipment that it may mean and the letters not very pleasing to the eye, in such a way that to remember what we are simply reading today is not the best option.

 Reading on a Kindle: This electronic book reader offers us the possibility of making changes to the font, especially while making changes between one book and another.

 Reading on an Android / iOS phone: Mobile devices present us with the possibility of being able to read a little more easily based on the typeface and this allows us to remember more frequently and easily everything we read. In the case of Android The easiest is presented by Samsung, which unlike others does not require root access. On the other hand, iOS devices require a jailbreak, because with it we get some changes, or simply make use of applications for reading electronic books.

 Reading on the computer: This is a better option because we can configure the font more comfortably so that we simply get a font that allows us to read and remember.

 What types of sources are harmful to our brain?

 Actually, not everything we read usually stays in our heads and if we add a bad font in the typography because the problem gets even bigger, therefore you should be clear that there are some typefaces that sincerely do not contribute anything, making the retention is highly impaired, some of them are.

  •  Kindle's Caecilia and Georgia.
  • The Helvetica Neue for iPhone and Mac.
  • Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman and Courier in the compurer

 In general terms, retaining everything we read only depends on the typeface used, since we usually read to get out of trouble and if we add a complex typeface the possibility of remembering the reading will simply be impossible.

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