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How to prevent heart attacks with Mediterranean foods

2020-04-13 08:58:35

 preventing heart attacks based on Mediterranean food products

Study reveals that Mediterranean foods are ideal for preventing heart problems.

Based on a study published in the United States and financed by the British Heart Foundation, a significant advance could be made in the research project that had opened several years ago on the influence of foods such as those registered in the cardiovascular system.

The research discovered an enzyme that influences How to Prevent Heart Attacks, in the case of soluble epoxy hydrolase, which is generated by inhibiting fatty acids present in Mediterranean food, according to the article published in the American journal of Science.

Philip Eaton, Professor of Cardiovascular Biochemistry at King's College London, argued that: "The results of our study will help to explain why work prior to a Mediterranean diet combined with extra virgin olive oil or nuts can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular problems".

This is probably an incitement to consume the elixir of olive oil and other common products of Mediterranean origin.

 The root of this research on Mediterranean foods, is shown as a significant advance to understand how to prevent heart attacks being these dangerous for the individual who suffers it.

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