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How to exercise in the office

2020-04-14 10:33:36

Tips on How to Exercise in the Office Stay active at work!

How to stay active in the office

When you listen to "office" you think of a closed place, you are looking at a sitting computer for long and endless hours.

In any case, it must be recognized that many studies confirm that those types of days where you sit for a long time all they do is give. When the phone rings, do not answer it sitting at your desk. Standing up and walking around a bit, even on the spot, speeds up your metabolism.

For this reason, a small list of tips on How to exercise in a discreet and creative way has been created unless they are like the extremists who resort to the extreme solution of working standing at a special desk.

How to exercise at work

Anyway, here we present you a series of ideas on How to exercise at work:

  • Exercise ball. As we mentioned, if you dare to replace your chair with an exercise ball, you will work your balance and torso, absolutely all day, with no extra effort.
  • When nobody sees you: a minute of jumps. Opening and closing arms and legs, he jumps vigorously for sixty seconds.
  • Upside down abdominal: sit on the edge of the chair and rest your hands on the armrest. Ten repetitions.
  • If the phone rings, don't answer it sitting at your desk. Get up and walk around a bit, even if it's on the spot, it speeds up your metabolism.
  • Stairs for you. Not using the elevator helps build leg muscle and burns calories.
  • Shoulder circles: "drawing" shoulder circles, such as trying to touch each other, is beneficial for the arms and back.

 The How to do exercises is a question that people ask themselves, but what they are working in their offices to be a greater challenge, but with these tips it is very possible that you feel an improvement in your physical activity, not considerable but if significant.

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