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how to disable notifications in Google Chrome

2020-04-14 09:38:02

how to disable Google Chrome notifications permanently

  It has all happened to us that we enter any page of Google Chrome and boom! The question appears from Site X wants to show notifications, almost all the applications or pages.

it's a little cumbersome right?

Well, here we show you how to block the pop-up questions on each page and thus never see that cumbersome tab again. Just follow these steps and you will see that they will not bother you again.

how to disable notifications when entering pages in simple steps.

Click Chrome> Preferences, or simply paste "chrome: // settings / content / notifications" into your browser to skip steps 2-4.

Scroll down and click on Advanced

Click on content settings

I clicked on Notifications

Next to the Ask before sending (recommended) text, click the allow button. It should now say Locked.

  With this simple guide on how to disable Google Chrome notifications, you will feel more comfortable browsing from now on, good luck!

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