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How to control professional jealousy

2020-04-12 20:01:41

 Attention! This article will teach you how to control the professional jealousy that can turn up in your job.

Professional jealousy: How to control this problem that happens to thousands of workers

Do you feel your work environment has changed for the worse? Have your colleagues changed their treatment? Don't worry, in this article we will explain what is happening in your work environment and how to control this more common problem than it appears to be.

First, understand that professional envy can arise from a negative feeling known as jealousy. But, how can it arise? The reasons can be diverse since this emotion arises when the individual perceives a danger (real or imaginary) and, as he does not know how to face it as a result he ends up releasing other emotions like anger, rage, rage, making bad moves and getting into gossip as a defense mechanism. They usually come from an enormous internal insecurity and immaturity of the person who feels, and who, in his desire to control the other, sees that he "escapes" from his dominion.

The affected people attack their ego and manifest jealousy for different types of situations: a promotion, the achievements of a team or individual with its due recognition, the arrival of someone who is seen with special attributes to stand out in some area, the friendly relationship that a member of the company has with a superior and even the furtive loves (either in secret or public) everything depends on the interests of the individual "affected".

Professional jealousy can be presented as a threat to productivity, because in a normal and pleasant work environment, competition is seen as a good stimulus to overcome challenges; on the other hand, when jealousy intercepts relationships, a harmful change in communication occurs in the team, due to this we must learn how to control this problem from the first moment.

Proposals to learn how to control professional jealousy

Identify the message transmitted by the affected individual.

In this step we have to pay a lot of attention to the environment to avoid confusing the emotions transmitted by our colleagues, because we can be dealing with the professional envy already mentioned, but what we really want to discover is the reason behind this jealousy, hatred, envy, fear, all of them can be enough reasons and to learn how to control the problem we have to understand - not justify - what happens to the individual.

Maintain communication.

The simplest and most direct way to control professional jealousy is through speech, that is, communication. In this you have to express your doubts and concerns about the behavior that individuals have been having.  Likewise, it is required to have processed internally the angry feelings towards the jealous one, so that the conversation flows and they can reach a win = win result that favors both.

Accepting possible criticism

Even though the professional environment may have been affected by the behavior of others, you must keep in mind that you are the trigger of that action, therefore, you must understand what caused that emotion and reflect on it to improve in the future.

Equality for all.

In case of having a hierarchy in the work environment, to learn how to control envy in the work environment should be taken into account all staff in general, to make feel integrated to those of "lower" categories and thus avoid any discrimination.

Praise and recognition.

Linked to the previous one, How to Control Envy should be praised and the work of all groups inside and outside the hierarchy should be taken into account to keep staff motivated. Arguing that a good leader is one who knows how to balance words of support, emotional pay and compensation for the encouragement that all people need.

Generate pleasant work spaces

A "fruitful" work environment must be maintained if you want to achieve communication based on perceptions and to achieve a better understanding of work ties, including getting to know the hobbies and their life outside the premises, thus strengthening emotional ties.

 The methods on How to Control Professional Envy can be diverse but most of them are based on empathy and a lot of communication in order to improve the environment where one develops daily.

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