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How to change your pessimism for optimism

2020-04-14 09:31:07

How to change your pessimism into optimism 5 simple steps is easier than you think!

 According to scientific studies, human beings have about 70,000 thoughts a day, and according to the New Scientist magazine, in total each human being can think up to 1080,000,000,000,000 things throughout his life, a figure higher than that of all atoms that are in the universe.

Now imagine that moods are closely related to thoughts, depending on the thoughts we have at the moment our mood is directly affected. It is so much so that when we are filled with negative thoughts, it affects their potential, they make them sick, cause anxiety, doubts, fears, complaints and do not allow us to enjoy life.

That is why we will teach you how to change your pessimism, or negative energy to one of optimism and encouragement.

In order to achieve the desired optimism, you must first understand the 4 basic foundations that probably prevent How to change your deep-seated pessimism.

How to become an optimistic person

In order to achieve the desired optimism, you must first understand the 4 basic foundations that probably prevent How to change your deep-seated pessimism.

  • Your thoughts do NOT control you: Imagination is very complex, Thoughts are a way of elaborating and interpreting your reality. It is very important to know that people tend to believe that what they are imagining is the reality of what they externalize, because no, they must be controlled to avoid that what we imagine ends up being externalized.
  • The brain is your maximum companion: Linked to the previous one, if we really want to learn how to change your pessimism, you must understand that if you learn how to control your imagination, you can make your mind become your greatest ally considering that the brain has neuroplasticity and It is like a muscle that must be trained.
  • Personal stigma and how to change it: As we have been saying, the mind plays a fundamental role here, that is why many things have to be attacked from the root with great care due to how deeply rooted they are in our minds such as comfort, conformity and a certain air of victimization.
  • Beliefs and paradigms also influence: The way you represent yourself to the world, the role you occupy, your dreams and deepest longings, are based on chains of beliefs. Many people maintain this as immovable laws, although there are inculcated things that no longer make sense in their current life, so it is necessary to make a thorough review of the one that prevents achieving the necessary optimism.

Now that the 4 fundamentals that (probably) prevent you are known How to change your pessimism for the long-awaited optimism we will teach you to change it.

Steps to change your pessimism to optimism

  • Self analysis: The brain is easily influenced by the colors that transmit emotions, what does it mean? that if you see everything black, atuntomatically everything will have the same nuance. By taking it in context you have to rigorously control your thoughts to avoid that the mind is affected by emotions, especially negative ones. For this, it must be achieved in any way How to change your pessimism to thoughts related to optimism.
  • Take note of your thoughts and use it as a base: Many recommend writing down all the negative and positive thoughts that are carried during the day, if you do, divide it into two columns and at the end of the day, put the opposite one, or connect the negatives with one arrow to the column of positive thoughts. What relationship does it have? In this way you will be leading the brain to establish a more positive synapse in your favor, and, in time, this will be how it will begin to function.
  • See the positive side of things: We know that sometimes life is not very kind to us, but it is important to try to find something good for everything, even if it is something disturbing, that way if we want to achieve how to change your pessimism by Optimism is tangibly recorded in these moments of fulfillment and happiness. A good way is to make your list of the things you give for thanks to the beginning and end of the day.
  • Clean your vocabulary of the words that bring negativity: eliminate the "but ..." and replace it with "and ..." This formula will allow you to expand your circle of possibilities about things and situations. Words create internal states that you then translate into realities. Start adding that they bring optimism and joy to your life.
  • Only use 2 questions in your daily life: if you want to know how to change your pessimism definitively, you have to avoid asking yourself many questions and replace them with only 2, ask yourself five times in a row "Why?", Like peeling the layers of an onion . Each response takes you to a deeper level. If you want to find the purpose of something, and can't visualize it quickly, try five times in a row with "What for?" Check to see if you go deeper as you repeat this pattern. When you start to make sense of things, the mind is more likely to relate it to something positive and thus get out of that vicious circle.

 The How to change your pessimism is not something that is achieved overnight, it requires meditation and concentration to avoid falling into the same thoughts, thereby opening the way to a view full of optimism and happiness.

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