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How to burn calories on the beach

2020-04-16 14:50:24

Learn how to burn calories on the beach in a fun way!

Multiple ways to achieve calorie burn while enjoying the beach.

If you have the opportunity to go to the beach, why not get the most out of it? exercise and manage to burn calories while you enjoy your stay in the place and here we show you how to do it.


Swimming is one of the main sports they recommend when you want to lose weight because it is one of the most complete because you work the whole body. If you stay in the water for at least an hour either swimming or playing you can burn up to 500 calories!


Why not play a little in the sand too? You can take a ball and play soccer or volleyball, both are incredible to keep you in shape and you will see how time will fly by while -without realizing it- you are exercising!


When you decide to run in irregular places like the beach sand, your body will require more and strength to move, therefore you will be burning more than usual. If this exercise is too hard for you, choose to walk with your feet submerged in the water (ankle length) and see how much fun it will be!

4. fly a kite

Going back to your childhood doesn't hurt anyone, so flying a kite is not a bad idea and if you have children, even better! have fun with them moving from side to side while you give direction to the figures in the air


Burn calories by navigating your board over the water. Find out what is the best place to learn to surf and correct the waves to strengthen the arms, abs and legs.

  Burning calories on the beach with any of these activities sounds more fun, right? you only have to choose one or two and you will see how everything will be active.

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