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Google's announced timeline for new privacy policy

2020-01-15 18:23:18

The topic in our article is informative regarding Google's announced Timeline for new privacy policy.

 The activities of users on the Internet are tracked by cookies, in addition to allowing advertising to be targeted by digital publishers, technology companies have faced many pressures on privacy protections, due to the existence of data breaches that are in amento for this reason Google plans a new privacy policy, for more details see the following content.

What to expect from Google's new privacy policy?

 For Google this measure represents more control in the digital advertising market, where it already has a primary role, the parent company Alphabet, has its profits from ad sales, web browsers collect certain parts of the information with which profiles of tastes and online habits that people may have, making advertising more personal.

What are cookies?

 In tracking the activity of an individual, makes it an effective digital tool, browsers like Chrome and Safari store data, this in the instant of browsing the network by users, the records are specific as the sites that have been visited, articles that they add to digital shopping or even information about it, names and passwords, many companies see this as an opportunity to know the activities of people, while publishers use this to find a certain advertising to target people.

 For the new privacy policy, the name is sandbox, which means that ad sellers must first go through Google to obtain information related to the Internet and its users, some people have already criticized this, indicating that this makes the market less fair and secure, for Dina Srinivasan this is a problem, as far as competition is concerned, being another example of how Google works so that rivals do not access the data with the supposed excuse of protecting the privacy of users.

 To limit the access of third parties to cookies, Apple applied measures for this, which allowed an increase in privacy in 2017, where I make new actions in this regard in May last year, we talk about the antitracking function, intelligent tracking prevention, in which your browser Safari, shortens the life of cookies that are used by it.

 What are the expectations of the new privacy policy?

 Once the news of this new rule was known, the actions of the digital advertisers were seen in fall, according to Google this policy will be implemented in 2 years, the plans regarding this were announced in August 2019, where the advertisers expected a greater time of the implementation of this new rule, the company and the advertisers have to fight for the construction of a reliable and sustainable web jointly, This was said in a statement by Chrome's engineering director, users want more privacy, transparency, choice and personal control over the use of their data, giving the message that these demands have to lead to evolution in order for these demands to be met.

 For more than 2 decades cookies have been on web browsers, yet the problem is in the current violations of the high impact data available to those who make it available.

 We end with this explanation based on Google's announced Chronology for new privacy policy, our intention is that readers have an interesting content to study and read, we hope that this will meet the expected expectations.

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