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Golden Globe: Netflix had the most Golden Globe nominations, but ATyT won the most trophies

2020-01-09 19:41:26

Our reflection article takes us through Netflix ,ATyT and the implications on the Golden Globe.

What can we talk about Netflix ,ATyT in the Golden Globe?

 Recently the Golden Globe ceremony was held, but there was a clear difference between the nominations and the winners because despite the 17 nominations Netflix got, ATyT was the big winner of the night, because the Netflix broadcast network could only win two trophies:
  •   The Crown gsno best supporting actress playing Queen Elizabeth II, actress Olivia Coleman.
  • Marriage Story. 3 Lauta Dern best supporting actress.
  • She received awards in the category of direction.
  • Award in the category of script and best reputation.
What happened to HBO at the Golden Globe?

 Another great nominee was the HBO network which won 4 awards distributed in:

 - Best Dramatic TV Series for Succession,

 - Best actor for a performer in this series,

 - Best Limited Series by Chernoby

 - Best performance in a limited series for the performance of a deputy prime minister at Chernobyl.

 Netflix ,ATyT managed to take a statuette for Joker, as here he took the award for best actor in a drama which is also usually held by both HBO and Warner Bros, he took 3 trophies for shows.
  •  Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series for the Act Ramy Yuosef
  •  Best actor in a comedy for Ramy.
  • Best Actress in a Limited Series for Fosse Verdon.
 This still leaves a big gap between what I represent and the nominations Netflix got, ATyT managed to get better in the awards it took home.

What happened to Sony at the Golden Globe?

 This was another company that showed a certain resemblance because they only managed to take home 3 trophies, because unlike Netflix, AT&T took them: 

  •   The best comedy film by Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
  •  Best Screenplay for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
  •   Best Supporting Actor Brad Pitt

 What happened to ViacomCBS in lis Golden Globe?

  •  Another company that passed over Netflix with 3 trophies
  • Best actor for a musical for Taron Egerton for Rocketman.
  •  Best Original Song I'm Gonna Love Me Again for Rocketman
  • Best Actor in a Limited Series for Russell Croww for The Loudest Voice.

 There is no doubt that even though Netflix is a large television network, and despite the number of nominations received, the landscape has changed considerably, which has given way to the fact that theaters are still resistant to broadcast services, despite the quality content they usually present.

 Netflix has become perhaps the largest broadcasting company and this has given rise to Rival Amazon Prime Video which has managed to gradually take off and one evidence of this is the 2 awards that it managed to take home thanks to:

 The show Fleabag managed to get these awards, being part of these awards the writer Phoebe Walter- Bridge, this makes it a little more competitive where there is more pressure to work for the public with much more respect for it.

 We can conclude by indicating that the Golden Globe has left much to comment on, especially with the nominations received by Netflix, ATyT as the largest recipient of these awards.

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