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Gold Falls Awaiting Signing of China-U.S. Agreement, Palladium Reaches Record

2020-01-14 14:20:15

This article will focus on the specific discussion that Gold falls pending the agreement between China-USA.

Reaching a minimum of more than a week we have that this has affected a new fall through which Gold passes on Tuesday, stock markets and their strength are related to it, there are also, that the phase that initiates agreement occurs without problems between China-USA, which causes that the striking thing of the ingot is diminished, while I reach a maximum record the palladium (Reuters) for more details on this matter we continue with this article and its content.

What has been the Gold movement in the midst of the expected signing agreement between China-USA?

We have that 0.3 percent lost gold, to 1543.91 dollars an ounce at 1043 GTM, after being in the lowest since January 3 at its level to 1535.63 dollars, in the United States the Gold's future at 0.4 percent at $ 1544.60 per ounce, but the truth is that the shares remain marked record highs, and as long as that happens there is no real need for the insurance policies that are in the gold, said by Ole Hansen who is an analyst at Saxo Bank.

I also add that having the signing of the commercial agreement, there will surely be no wobbles at this time for this stage, it is certain that the market will be able to study the text and details of what this agreement consists of, one day before it is the signing of this agreement , the designation of China as a currency manipulator by the United States Department of the Treasury was eliminated, for the market it is highly optimistic.

Last week the bullion increased to a maximum of about 7 years, everything originated from the present conflict of the United States and Iran, being for a moment the rebound since it has not happened to older, we have that precious metals, between they figure palladium, this reached a maximum limit of 2150, 83 dollars an ounce, where in turn it is routed to the 9th session of profits due to the continuous deficit of supplies, this gained 0.7 percent to 2146.45 dollars the ounce, as for the silver lost 1 percent to $ 17.78 an ounce, this after it came to be below the $ 17.64 in December and the case of platinum is down 0.5 percent to 969 , $ 21.

In this way we reach the end of this article and its content, being the same as El Oro is waiting for a signed agreement between China-USA, we hope this information will be useful for readers who pass through here.

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  • Gold Falls Awaiting Signing of China-U.S. Agreement, Palladium Reaches Record
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