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Gold and Bitcoin: invest in gold and bitcoins. This is the best moment

2019-12-16 14:28:28

Regarding Oro y Bitcoin We will talk, specifically about the time to invest in Oro y Bitcoins.

 The world financial market was the subject of analysis by Crescat Capital, in which it makes the statement in its report, about the current ideal situation for Oro y Bitcoin, which gives them projections of the right time to invest in Oro y Bitcoins, so that Let's have an idea of ​​the advantages and more, the following content has details about it.

Why is it recommended that you invest in gold and bitcoins?

 Based on his thesis, in which the analyst used the performance curve for the financial market, the idea is that Oro y Bitcoin is bought, the sale of the shares for the following two years, can protect investors from a possible crisis, in addition , when 70 percent is invested for the first time, since 1970, there have only been 5 cases of this type and in all of them, the proportion of gold doubled.

 The most reliable protection for the analyst lies in precious metals, against the printing of the fiat currency and assets that are overvalued, in addition, Cryptocurrencies is an additional escape route that can be used by investors, to separate themselves from fiat currencies.

What advantages will bring us the fact that it is invested in gold and bitcoins?

 Bitcoin can bring diversification and protection, where at the same time significant gains will be achieved, because of the high risk it can only be defended, between 1 percent and 2 percent of the portfolio, it should be noted that this Cryptocurrency is above others, the use as a means of remittances abroad, which have authoritarian governments, Venezuela is currently the example at the head of this, from the outside many remittances come by this means to help their families, the report made states that only There are 21 million Bitcoins and that can be compared to gold.

 We talked about the fact that Bitcoin serves as a vehicle of evasion to government control of money, if the limitations are equal to those of precious metals, in the midst of inflation it will be a more than ideal, technological and cryptographic bet.

 This is the end of the explanation of Oro y Bitcoin, we hope you understand the guidelines of advice to be invested in gold and bitcoins, being something to the naked eye that brings this topic of discussion in the world today.

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