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gender economics the effect of Wednesday's football

2020-01-13 23:54:44

Today we are doing an article on gender economics, and this has a rather striking effect on Wednesday's football

What is the reason for Wednesday's football?

 This is only a custom of macrism, because it was evident that since Tuesday men talked about the previous, even spent the comments on the subject on Thursdays, to the point of making jokes about it, that is why Paula Bertol. She has described it as a gender economy, because even though she is an official of the macrismo, she has indicated that this has become a custom in the Quinta de Olivos, completely excluding women. 

What is the opinion of the experts in gender economics?

 It is evident that this type of situations such as the effect of Wednesday's football, presents a series of systematic situations, because, there are data that present evidence of this impact, where it places in very contradictory positions regarding the promotion between men and women, details of this are presented in the study carried out by the economist Zoe Cullen and the economist Ricardo Perez, who had the opportunity to access the database of an Asian bank recently.

 During this research the economists had the possibility to discover that men who have male bosses tend to ascend much faster, achieving better increases in salaries, on the other hand women do not have the same luck, being this an advantage in relation to the economy of gender, presenting a significant variable in which the enormous gap is evident, this gives chance to the objective of the subject where the effect of the football of Wednesdays is indicated, since men tend to place themselves very much above women, even when the capacity can be equal or perhaps much better. 

 The research carried out by economists called The Old Men's Club reveals some interesting data, because according to the database used between the years 2015-2018 corporate careers had mostly male employees, being the fastest to rise, because among them we can highlight some interesting data, such as those revealed by MaKinsey who states that in 2019 only the USA, The data then showed that only 22 percent were in senior management, and finally only a miserable 5 percent were at the CEO level, a very visible inequality, since for them it is something as normal as football on Wednesdays in Argentina. 

 The economists during their research The old men's club carried out a survey, leaving evidence of the gender economy, as the simple question of whether employees and male bosses spend time in the breaks, smoking outside the buildings, where it was evident that this is a factor of acceleration in the corporate careers of men, any resemblance to the detail of football on Wednesdays is not a coincidence. 

What is Perez Truglia's opinion on gender economics?

 He has been extremely clear when making comments to the newspaper the nation indicating that the gender economy here is usually reflected as a "club of friends", somewhat similar to Wednesday's football, where women even if they have the same profession, or are immersed in the field of economics, even in universities, usually have a great problem of representation, since there are multiple barriers at present.

What is Berkeley Alice Wu talking about in 2017?

 In this economist I make an interesting publication about the effects of machismo, something that is very evident in the Olivos Farm in relation to Wednesday's football, since in this research she usually analyzes millions of comments made by students and graduates of Ecomony Jobs Market Rumors, where the tenas of supervisor, director, gay and macroeconomics were the epicenter of the main conversations and on the contrary the terms to refer to the feminine gender have been pretty, attractive, pregnant, married stubborn and beautiful, being clearly macho and somewhat denigrating comments as far as women are concerned.

 On the other hand, for Natsumi Shikodia, member of Economía Feminista 2019, the gender economy presented an advance in the labor field because it gained ground in some areas, even though in Argentina this did not have a great impact, to which she says "there is a great expectation in the promise of having a national survey of the use of time, which will reveal at the country level, how we use people's time which will allow us to characterize in more detail the need for care and reproduction work, current distribution and impact.

 According to Laura Ripani, an economist at the IDB, the gender economy has been growing gradually, as there is evidence of an advance in the automation of men and women according to knowledge, at least this shows results of studies conducted in 30 countries, where routine tasks of women may involve a risk of displacement of men which could put a stop to Wednesday's soccer

 We end our article, because it is worth mentioning that gender economy is emerging as a motor for women to stand out even if there are similar subjects to those who talk about Wednesday's football in Argentina.

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