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Forex: What is the scalping method?

2019-12-30 12:25:40

The following explanation that we will have covered in this article is Forex and the scalping method.

 We talk about a process where many operations are carried out which will be open in a brief moment of time, in this strategy in a maximum of 3 to 5 minutes the positions will remain open, where the operations usually last 1 minute.

 In this strategy, positions have to be exposed in a shorter time than for other strategies, being the risk of lower loss in Forex when compared with swing-trading or day-trading, due to the scalping method, allows the variables that the operator will have to take into account are smaller, the spread or the use of indicators will become more important than even the analysis of trends, of the currencies with which it is appealed.

What are the characteristics of the Forex scalping method?


  •  - It has many short operations in the market
  • - Between 5 and 10 pips is the benefit for each individual operation
  • - The sum of group profits from operations depends on the profitability of the method
  • - The profit is increased for each operation
  • - Its development is possible in a few hours where the market allows it, having a high liquidity

What is the best time to use the Forex scalping method?

 At specific moments of the market, this strategy consists in the realization of many operations, its duration being short-term, which leads to an operator to use this strategy must have some qualities, which are the following:

  • - Have enough time to be attentive to the market
  • - Be able to have a record that allows you to perform a large number of operations
  • - In a short time, close operations disciplinedly
  • - Obtain frequent benefits for sure by being willing to give up better benefit opportunities
  • - Losses must be dealt with responsibly

 Patience and discipline are the main characteristic of the operators that use this method, now in case you are looking for greater benefits and in a short time, this strategy will not be the most correct if the trader has these intentions when operating.

To use the Forex scalping method, said before, the trader must be methodical at the time of the decisions he makes in the trading and at every moment attentive to what happens in the market, being many operations, it is possible that there are some losses , but to consider is the end, where the benefit that comes with the strategy is obtained in the sum of all the operations, here the objective is to take advantage of the internal dynamics that Forex has and its basic structure, this method is not related to news, Events or trends

For the trading method used, if you want to check this method on how appropriate it can be, the ideal is to open a test account, since they are free and you can use the strategies that this scalping method has with you, without that there is a risk of not operating with real money in this way.

 We have thus closed the article, with the specific content of Forex and the scalping method, we hope that it will be understood and lend the utility sought by the readers.

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