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Forex Trading: what are mini and micro accounts

2019-12-24 12:07:49

The topic of discussion that we will have next is that they are the minis and the micro accounts in Forex Trading

What should we know about minis and micro accounts in Forex Trading?

  There are two or more types of accounts by the brokers, which they offer, there are the mini accounts, which with small but also the micro accounts that are even smaller, according to the negotiation, a standard lot has been 100,000 units, If it becomes 10,000 it is a mini lot, micro lot brings with it only 1000 units, fractional units also come to be offered by the brokers thus establishing their own position with the size.

What are minis and micro accounts in Forex Trading?

  These are responsible for operations with minimum capital, if very low, in the case of standard accounts the minimum capital will be higher, which has variations between brokers, the types of accounts have different requirements depending on the size of the negotiation, the amount of capital will be important to determine the type of specific account, it is certainly something complex in principle but once you are familiar it will be easy to handle and understand.

  With this explanation which came to an end, we hope that it is understood that they are the minis and micro accounts in Forex Trading and that it provides the utility that was sought by the readers.

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