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Flybe: Government strikes a deal to rescue troubled airline

2020-01-15 17:16:42

We will talk in this article about the work agreement with Flybe to rescue a troubled airline.

What is the agreement with Flybe to rescue a troubled airline?

The agreement that was made of work with Flybe by the ministers, contemplates a payment of a tax debt which would exceed 100 million euros, being very significant, in this airline with losses the injection of resources by On the part of the owners of the firm, all in order to rescue an airline with problems, Andrea Leadsom, business secretary believes that this agreement can keep the company running, which also represents a relief for passengers, being these about 8 million that employ this airline a year.

Who is Flybe?

In the United Kingdom we have that this services the national routes, which are not operated by any airline, in this way it is possible that this is the largest that performs flights from regional airports, in the aviation system of the Kingdom United this has a role of great importance, supporting regions in their development, where it allows companies to be connected and stimulates the growth of trade, said by Karen Dee, who is head of the Association of Airports Operators, the agreement of Rescuing a troubled airline, Flybe and the shareholders in which Virgin Atlantic and Stobart Group are included, will put more money as part of it.

According to the government, he will review the passenger air tax of 26 euros, which will be applied to national fights in the United Kingdom in terms of return, this for the airline adds to the losses, the importance of Flybe lies in the Sustaining the operation of the airline, which also allows the regions to be connected tweets Leadsom, this agreement to rescue an airline with problems is of great impact for staff, customers and creditors, where you have to keep the work in the future for this to be sustainable.

The owner of Flybem president of Connetc Airways, Lucien Farrell, had agreed that the company will remain in flight with government and additional funds, also says that recent developments generate encouragement, more with the recognition given to this company by the government regarding the importance for businesses and communities in the United Kingdom and it is good that you want to maintain and strengthen connectivity.

Why do we need an urgent review?

Grant Shapps, the secretary of transport, said that the government has been working with this company, with the aim of keeping its airplanes in the air, in addition, indicated that the transport department will make a review with the objective that connectivity Regional is improved and guaranteed throughout the country in operation, climate activists have bothered to reduce the flight tax, since they claim that this means of transport is more carbon intensive, on the other hand the reduction of service is Inconsistent for the confrontation of climate change, expressed by Deputy Caroline Lucas of the Green Party.

By twitter he wrote about this that the flights should be reduced and not that they are cheaper, but the review is said by the government regarding the tax, but consistent with the zero carbon objectives, the employees of this company drop this news good, being these about 2400, where these jobs are secured for regional communities and that without the company operating air connectivity would be lost, said by Crian Strutton, secretary general in a statement, it is good to rescue an airline with problems , more when this has as a different destinations a total of 170, the fight with the strong one of a bill of 106 million euros for the service, the airline's finances are also harmed by low demand.

Mark Anderson, the head of the carrier, express, that this is a very positive result for the United Kingdom, which will allow us to deliver to our customers and think about the future, this company has a great human talent, which coexists serving millions of loyal customers, who have confidence in the connectivity we provide them, being very important.

This article concludes, where we present the work agreement with Flybe to rescue an airline with problems, it is expected that with this our readers will be kept informed of the events that occur in this area.

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