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Facebook could help economists fix GDP in the US

2020-01-07 11:59:39

In this article we will talk specifically about Facebook and whether it could help fix the GDP.

 We have to have from Erik Brynjolfsson from MIT, which is related to the possibility that the economy can be improved with technologies like Facebook, being able to by its influence could help fix the GDP, so it is good that we have some knowledge to understand if this is possible, so let's consider the content below.

could it help to fix the Facebook GDP?

 From the Facebook is possible to add about 0.11 points per year, which is possible that could help fix the GDP of the United States, allowing the possibility of obtaining benefits for users, this was staged at an annual meeting of the economic association that is in san diego, As a result, many questions arise regarding technologies and their ability to provide economic support, especially in terms of GDP. The detail that complicates all this is that since access is free, it is not supported by the economy, which is true that for some people the free service still contributes an implicit price.

 There are many applications that we can have on our smart phones, such as Facebook, Twitter and many more, which do not have costs some, which will not be reflected in the GDP, or many other things despite improving our quality of life, is made by Brynjolfsson and co-authors, carried out many tests to determine the value to users of the services they are using for free, which will lead to an alternative solution to the GDP, being its possible name PIB-B, which will be based on perceived benefits and not on the real costs, in the United States was found to be $ 42.17 for giving up the Facebook in the month.

What were the results of the tests in other countries?

 The Netherlands was one of the countries that was tested, with which we had in terms of free services which are related to the Internet, we have that the WhatsApp was assigned the value of 535.73 euros, for only the abstinence of a month, then we have that the Facebook, with about 100 euros, now in the case of Twitter is only used by few in the group, we talk about a third, which was valued for less than 1 euro, in this test we have the result of further exploration, on the impacts that these have on new and free goods related to welfare, which politically brings with it many important implications, this was concluded by the authors of the document in terms of GDP-B and the metrics that relate to this specifically.

 Since 2004, many countries have experienced a slowdown in growth, which has a very direct relationship with the implicit adjustments in GDP, which provides an accurate explanation for many situations that occurred at this stage.

 With this we have reached the end of the explanation, being related in respect to the Facebook, answering that if this could help to fix the GDP, we hope that these answers will help our readers in relation to such a complex issue.

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  • Facebook could help economists fix GDP in the US
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