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Escape from Deribit to Panama, and expect more departures from the EU

2020-01-13 14:19:02

We will put at the disposal of our readers the content of this article trying to Deribit to Panama and the exits of the EU.

Deribit's base is in the EU specifically in the Netherlands, but it has made the decision to make its move to Panama, this by encouraging the possibility that other cryptocurrency traders platforms make EU departures, following the example of the fact that Deribit goes to Panama, and this was in the environment through an interview that was conducted months ago, what we can expect is to happen from now on, for this we consider the next content of this article.

Why the EU exits?

Deribit to Panama was the news that was officially announced on January 9, the explanation of the reason for this decision is due to the regulations that will be implemented by the EU, where the Netherlands will soon impose them, which They are known by 5AMLD, the final transfer will be on February 10, in addition I take deribit to present some changes in terms of the requirements for this as far as you know your client, which the platform will now have 2 levels of authorization, based in KYC data provided by customers.

It was found that Michaël van de Poppe, The trader and analyst of Cointelegraph, also made his thoughts on this decision that Deribit moves to Panama, this as a consequence of the regulations, he expressed the following; I consider the right and ideal decision to avoid being harmed by these new regulations that the EU will implement, I assure Michaël van de Poppe and I also emphasize that we are the only ones and that there will be more exits from the EU

What does these air changes represent?

In the midst of a regulatory coup in the world of crypto space, this movement from Deribit to Panama occurs, when at the same time it has to be the commission of stock and US securities. UU increases its surveillance pressure, in 2018 the attack was reported by the SEC to the initial coin offers by Cointelegraph, the changes have been notorious for exchanges, in 2019 Binance was announced the banning of customers who are from The United States, prior to the launch of derivative products, has to be favorable for the regulations that are going to be in the year, offering fewer features, the Exchange that made an outpost in the US, it is possible that Some KYC, BitMEX, the largest of Seychelles-based derivatives, is required, despite the prohibition according to the IP for certain locations.

With this we come to the end of this explanatory content of Deribit to Panama and the exits of the EU, hoping that our readers have in this the information they were looking for.

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