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Elon Musk leak: Says to Tesla employees to ignore stock price

2019-12-30 10:37:00

Today we bring to you an article by Elon Musk where we will explain why he tells Tesla employees to ignore the price of the shares

 It is important to emphasize that in the last 4 weeks Tesla shares have risen to the point of reaching a historical ceiling that passes $ 430 for each action, and this has served to be disclosed an email under the title of "please , ignore the price of the shares ”, what has been received by Tesla employees and sent by Elon Musk, the same mail that has been obtained by Electrick.

Comments from Elon Musk regarding the increase in shares.

 Amid all this fuss Elon Musk has used Twitter to say “My silly jokes on Twitter are just that. What really matters is our real execution and efficiency as a company ”, but that is probably a strategy since the shares are high, perhaps too much to the point of reaching $ 420 for each of them, even when no one thought they would buy Tesla at $ 420 and even Musk received a fine from the SEC, so for the most part people came to think that it would be an exaggeration to maintain some type of secured financing for that amount.

CEO has told Tesla employees that possibly the actions "will be worth considerably more", he also continues to comment "Ultimately, I think Tesla will be worth considerably more than it is worth today, but there is a constant debate over whether that means that value must be higher now or later. "

Meanwhile Elon Musk continues to talk about and considers that people should focus on “head-down execution” because it indicates a fairly relevant detail and that is “This is the unfortunate consequence of being a publicly traded company. That's right. Head-down execution is the right thing to focus on now. "

 What are Elon Musk's goals for Tesla this end of the year?

 At this end of the year Tesla has two main objectives to meet and part of them Tesla employees are also on the lookout, since they have some interest in the price of the shares because everyone has access to certain option plans on the actions and it seems that this is an element to which Musk says that this type of discussions about the actions could only be a matter of the price of the distraction actions for the employees.

  •  ü Be assured that all cars are delivered to customers before the end of this year.
  • ü See the increase in the rate of solar deployments at a fairly high graph.

What can we say about the taking of Electrek?

 Here are a couple of very interesting details and the first one is that the issue of actions continues to give a lot to talk about and obviously Elon wants to end it already, on the other hand, it is convenient to talk about a compensation that would remain linked to the matter, although I particularly consider that this could be seen as a distraction, but we cannot ignore a valid and highly relevant opinion, when Elon states that the actions "are worth considering more mind", this could be true, and could even work as a method to reassure employees who have planned to sell, although whoever buys it should think about it, because of the high cost of the shares, only that it is a very interesting topic and that we will have to wait to see how the details unfold as days go by.

 In this way we put an end to the topic about Elon Musk and what he has told Tesla employees about the increase in shares.

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