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Economy: What is the Nasdaq and how does it work?

2019-12-27 17:46:59

Today we bring an article related to Economy and everything related to what is and how the Nasdaq works

 What is the Nasdaq?

 Before we know what the Nasdaq is and how it works, we must have value exactly what the Nasdaq is, and this is nothing more than an acronym for the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation, aha we are doing well, but we still doubt what This, well, is the largest automated stock exchange that the United States has, it has 7,000 small and medium capital shares, but that is not all because it has more than 3,800 companies and corporations, in addition to having a volume of exchange with other stock exchanges at any time worldwide.

 The Nasdaq is part of the world economy, since it is a stock exchange itself and is characterized by having high technology, biotechnology, telecommunications, electronics and information technology, it was privatized by some sales in 2000 and 2001, this stock market was founded by National Association of Securities Dealiers.

 Something else to know about What Nasdaq is and how it works.

 This stock market is made up of biotechnology indices, since they reach an amount of 100 representative indices and this in turn is divided into sub-indices that have specific sectors such as finance, information technology, banking, transportation, insurance, telecommunications and industrial companies, that is to say it is well branched in the Economy, since the biotechnology of Nazdaq began to be armed at the beginning of the 21st century, when pharmaceutical companies were also included, since this stock exchange has a capitalization of at least about 500 million dollars, this accounts for a daily trading volume worth 100,000 shares, this being the index that reflects the highest growth.

Some history about what the Nasdaq is and how it works.

 The Nasdaq Stock Exchange was born at the request of the United States Congress, through a commission in charge of regulating the SEC stock market, since there came an report describing that unregulated markets tend to be not very transparent, therefore with the Nazdaq is achieved that the markets are regulated in terms of electronic products, as this was mainly due to the massification of Hi-tech, or cutting-edge technology, this being a fundamental factor in the transactions that are usually made in unregulated markets , giving a twist to the global economy.


 1971: the first session was held on February 8, starting with a day where around 2,500 shares of electronic products began trading.

 1975: this stock market had a number of shares with different values, to those exhibited in the OTC, but after 5 years the offers it exhibited were much better, and also presented improvements in sales prices, in fact, this was a a very interesting variant in the Economy that the Dow Jones index has technological actions in this stock market, making transactions take place much more easily, hence the advantage of knowing what Nasdaq is and how it works.

 1982-1986: in this period of time the 10 largest companies associated with Nasdaq decided to organize and separate from the smaller ones, because that is why the Nasdaq market is created where the real-time quote option is presented, this being an attraction ` the investors, but the most relevant thing here is the profits they obtained, since with them the alternative of being able to acquire shares through brokers was given, which presented some resemblance to NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), or better known mostly worldwide Like the New York Stock Exchange.

 1992: the fees offered by this National market allowed to be open to operate, so knowing what is and how the Nasdaq works is really a very complex issue, because, to date, there was an excellent breakthrough, an option that allowed European markets will trade stocks.

 1994: in this year the Nasdaq achieved an extremely high and unique triumph by surpassing the New York Stock Exchange, in terms of the volume of negotiations in a year, this being a relevant factor in the Economy.

 1998: for this year, a merger between Nasdaq and Amex, the US stock exchange, was carried out. At that time, the so-called Nasdaq-Amex Market Group was created.

1998-2000: in this period of time a series of very interesting actions took place, since they managed to promote 1,649 public companies where some 316.5 billion dollars were processed, but the emotion lasted little, and after the year 2000 a series came of changes and restructuring, as this gave a complete turn to the Economy and our question about What is and how the Nasdaq works also generates a turnaround, because this stock market to be a company for profit, where those who govern it are shareholders, even today where the capacity to carry out transactions is 6 billion shares per day.

 `In order to know what Nasdaq is and how it works, it is important to take into account certain relevant aspects and it is that in 2008 Bernard Madoff, a former Wall Street operator and president of Madoff Investment Securities of New York, was accused of fraud, giving way to become a black page in the Economy.

 What Nasdaq is and how it works is an important element in the world of the Economy, because it is a stock market that stays connected 24 hours a day, because, thanks to new technologies, investment funds are able to move to Every little hand, all over the planet.

 Participants keep buying and selling in this stock exchange, through Brokers companies that come off and have shares in Nasdaq, giving way to much more attractive and available prices, so know what is and how the Nasdaq works It leads us to know that these are nothing more than computer threads, which remain connected throughout the world.

Other information about Nasdaq.

  • Ø The headquarters of Nasdaq is housed in the Times Square building in New York, it is highly striking not only for being the largest stock exchange but also for its tourist attraction.

  •   Ø The Nasdaq is in charge of controlling the stock traffic, manages the operations between buyers and sellers managing to maintain the flow of operations in a timely manner.

  •   Ø The Nasdaq is a telecommunications network dedicated to managing actions and transactions of all kinds with an emphasis on the Economiamundial.

  In short, knowing what Nasdaq is and how it works is important, since we all have the right to have knowledge about the stock exchanges that exist and how they work in the world economy.

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