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Diets: You know how to trick the stomach

2020-04-17 15:41:49

Say goodbye to anxiety and take care of your Diets! Learn how to trick the stomach

like tricking the stomach with simple tricks.

When we want to lose weight the first thing we think about is a diet, right? But changing your eating routine for strict fat-free recipes sounds very complicated, or in the event that you are already in the middle of one and you are attacked by an atrocious hunger, what horror!

Don't worry, with these simple tricks you can reduce hunger attacks to avoid damaging one of your diets. so pay attention to these tips.

tricks to learn how to trick the stomach.

1. Baby Water

Drinking a good glass of water before meals is an excellent technique on how to trick the stomach, plus you stay hydrated! Although it will not take away your appetite, you will make you eat more calmly and you can better control the amounts.

2.Light acid caramels

A caramel provides very few calories and entertains your mouth for a few minutes. chewing it tricks your brain into eating and it will calm your eating anxiety.


Pickles and gherkins in vinegar have between 10 and 20 calories per 100 grams, that is why they are always included in diets.

4. Vegetables for processed snacks

Instead of buying those pre-made snacks and with added sugars, make a mince of celery carrot sticks, cabbage leaves or lettuce as a substitute and you will see how it will cause the same effect and remain healthy, all to protect diets!


Like water, it is a way of tricking the stomach before meals. It is recommended to make a simple broth or low-salt vegetable soup, to avoid fluid retention.

6. drink tea

Another good way to cheat the stomach is by taking tea infusions, in this way the stomach will calm the cravings and thus you will be able to endure until mealtime. You have a wide variety of infusions to choose from: green tea, herbs, red fruits, orange, cinnamon or ginger, find the one that you like the most and enjoy.

7.brush your teeth

With your mouth clean after a meal you are unlikely to decide to eat again, plus it marks an end to it. First, clean up the bacteria in your mouth.

8.Condiments in meals

Meals that involve many worries or spicy flavors specifically have been shown to produce a greater feeling of fullness. add this to your meals with a low salt content and you will see how good your food is.

9. Serve yourself in small plates

When you go to serve your food, try to do it in a small plate, this way you will be deceiving your brain that you are eating enough to see the plate full, when in fact it is a small portion. Eat slowly and chew each bite, this way you learn a record of the satiety of your stomach before devouring a giant plate.

10. Party eaters

Before you even think about going out to a meeting, make a light dinner to go on a full stomach to avoid choking on the (probably) greasy meals that are served in the place, everything to take care of breaking the Diets!

 Diets at the beginning are difficult to catch the thread especially when we are used to eating in large quantities, but with these techniques of how to deceive the stomach, you will see how you will have better results!

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