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Diets: Do you know how many calories alcoholic beverages have

2020-04-12 21:14:56

Alcohol and diet: how many calories can alcoholic beverages provide?

Alcoholic beverages affect the diet because they provide calories.

Know the amount of calories that each type of alcoholic beverage has.

It is known that everything we eat provides certain nutrients and calories that give the body energy that are later processed by the body. But what happens to the body when we drink alcoholic beverages?

First you must be clear about this: No matter which, all alcoholic beverages make you fat.

The explanation is simple, it is due to the properties of alcohol because they provide "empty" calories (kcal), that is, without any nutritional value for the body, and what is stored as fat in adipose tissues, added to that , alcohol interrupts the oxidation of the rest of the fats and carbohydrates.

Although it is stated that all alcoholic beverages are fattening, it should be clarified that not all of them provide the same, it depends on how much they were processed and the type of drink, for example, white drinks have much more calories than others.

Let's start with the best known which is the 100 ml vodka, this contributes around 130 kcal. In addition, it is usually accompanied with fruit juices, which also contain sugar, and how to neutralize the taste of the alcohol that the intake produces is greater.

A 200 ml glass of champagne contains 150 kcal. Two glasses of wine have 360 ​​kcal, which is equivalent to a complete hamburger without too many dressings and so on.

The one with the lowest caloric intake, to everyone's surprise, is beer because a 200 ml glass has approximately 80 kcal. The problem? the public usually ingests it in more quantities.

Doctors always recommend ingesting 2900 Kcal per day, but assuming that one day they commit a feeding imbalance and ingest alcoholic beverages in large proportions, the amounts would skyrocket, altering everything.

The United States Office of Alcohol Commerce wants to make changes to alcohol consumption.

The rush to inform users began in 2006 from a website called DRINKIQ, Diageo finally announced last week that they will add nutritional information, including protein, calories, and carbohydrates on U.S. labels, to all alcoholic beverages found in the market.

All this with the aim of imitating their steps around the world. On the other hand, there is an effort by the industry to modify labeling efforts in Europe.

Breweries in Europe, an organization that has more than 5,000 breweries on the continent as a "core", announce that they voluntarily list ingredients and nutritional information in each bottle.

"We want European consumers to separate the substances in beer and how this drink can be combined with a balanced lifestyle," said Pierre-Oliver Bergeron, secretary of the association. Major brands such as Heineken, Miller, and Carlsberg are among those who joined the initiative.

  What is sought in all this initiative to put nutritional information, and the calorie proportions in more detail in alcoholic beverages, is because in the future it seeks to control the consumption of such drinks, so that people can have a quality of longer life and thus lead a healthy life.

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