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What are the reasons that prevent you from being successful

2020-04-17 16:28:50

Fear of success? identify the reasons that prevent you from being successful

How Fear of Success Stalls You in Your Work Life

Although it sounds somewhat contradictory due to the fact that the objective of most of us is to find "success" it is a fact that commonly occurs. The truth is that the Fear of success is unconscious, for which the person apparently wants, declares and determines that he longs to be successful; and, inside, it retracts and does not act accordingly.

The reasons that prevent you from being successful are very varied, and many times it happens that they want it very vehemently but at the moment of truth they simply stagnate causing the person to have a feeling of guilt for having missed opportunities and that is exactly what What happens with the "Fear of success, that they do not allow themselves to be given other opportunities and they drown in the envy of probably someone who did have the success they wanted.

Do not worry, with this article we will explain how to overcome this more common obstacle than you think.

5 reasons that prevent you from being successful and how to face them

1. Fear of Failure

The main and most common of the reasons that prevent you from being successful of all as of the fears. You have to understand that when you think about the dreams to achieve and how to achieve them, in general you usually take more account of the negative aspects, think of the positive ones too! We must understand that mistakes are always going to be made and it is our duty to correct them to advance in what we want, so the Fear of failure = Fear of success.

What to do?

If you are so concerned about what might go wrong then write them down and create an action plan to counter them. Keep the vision on your end goal and be flexible to correct course and start again as many times as necessary.

2. Don't feel worthy of success.

Another of the reasons that prevent you from being successful is that as we grow, stigmas and prejudices are instilled in us that determine the pattern of thought and positive emotions are limited by those paradigms that, if they are good in the past, have repercussions. in present.

What to do?

This job requires a lot of mental strength and connecting your goal of success with the sense of deserving: you will achieve it by practicing every day. Your 100 percent commitment to you will be key, regardless of what has influenced the past.

3.Fear of comments

The Fear of success is usually due to how our loved ones or the general public will react to our success, and this is because most people live seeking approval, mainly because they think that is guarantee of feeling accepted and loved. From there arises fear of the opinions of others.

What to do?

Work on your confidence, eliminate bad thoughts and develop techniques so that you don't care about the malicious opinions of others. It should be remembered that there will always be malicious people but we must seek comfort in those who will always provide us with warmth and support.

4. Not knowing how to manage success

The reason why this fact is one of the reasons that prevents you from being successful is the fact that many times we let ourselves be carried by the stories that we see or hear, about those people who managed to excel but never adequately managed the victory and they just ended up smashing his career.

What to do?

Fear is a very common feeling, but this makes it one of the reasons that prevent you from being successful, so you do not have to allow that Fear of success to defeat you, use it as a reason to continue working on your goal! You will be able to surround a team that will accompany you to achieve your goals, and, at the same time, focus on leaving your legacy in the world. In this way we will find the internal balance that you need and not cause that "deviation" that would worry you so much.

5.The feeling of loneliness and apart from your social circle.

The Fear of success has always been accompanied by the image of successful people accompanied by a strange loneliness and who will distance themselves from its effects.

What to do?

Take advantage of the present and meet with those people who are really happy to see you evolve, sometimes you can meet people who want to take advantage, and others who stay away: it is natural, and is part of the law of life. We must also accept that on several occasions we will feel lonely, whether we are successful or not, it is completely normal.

 The reasons that prevent you from being successful require will power to overcome you and reach our goal, which is why you should not let yourself be overcome by the Fear of success. Be persevering!

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